Food Is Killing Them


Studies suggest far too many Americans are suffering every day from the hardships of obesity. Researchers show this to be an issue related to many further debilitating conditions or even  death. Sources say too many people are minimizing the fact that food may indeed be killing them. Reports indicate millions are having trouble with simple tasks others may take for granted such as tying one’s own shoes. Many Obese men have complained of complications just trying to use the restroom, citing the difficulties of not being able to “see what is going on down there,” when standing over the toilet. One man told reporters that very few individuals can begin to imagine lugging around sometimes hundreds of unnecessary pounds, without having “walked in the shoes” of someone who is overly obese.

FoodMany cases have been shown where people are completely exasperated from walking only short distances. Grocery store workers have noted that the majority of their electric riding shopping carts are used mainly by obese men and women. One of the main troubles doctors see as one of the causes for someone’s weight to quickly build is the lack of exercising the body. However researchers have noted that once the weight has already reached the point of obesity in a person, exercise often is further neglected not only out of laziness on behalf of the person, but also because it can be a very pain-filled process for some as well.

Healthcare experts have reported that there are a vast number of negative issues one may encounter when living with hundreds of pounds of excess fat. Doctors say, Diabetes is one of the leaders in the forefront of health problems for overweight Americans. Diabetes itself has been known to add many branches to the tree of complications associated with over eating. For some this has seemed like a catch 22 situation, where exercising becomes too painful, and yet sitting on the couch, doctors say is sure to advance a person further down the path of disability, causing some to fear that the very thing they love so much, (food) is in fact killing them.


Some health experts have acknowledged the troubles overweight people encounter when trying to lose weight. It has been suggested that if exercising is just too painful one may be able to drop pounds by seriously changing their eating habits. According to doctors, soda pop should be frowned upon by obese individuals as it may be a leading cause for many people’s weight problems alone. Some countries are planning to put more strict regulations on pop like you see with other deadly vices such as cigarettes.

Professionals have also noted that if the individual is able to eat smaller sized plates of healthier food at set eating times as opposed to eating whenever the person feels like it, the metabolism may be able to get used to a schedule, allowing it to function more efficiently. Also completely eradicating processed foods, and foods that are high in saturated fats. However doctors and other healthcare professionals all agree in unison that sugars, especially those that are processed, should be avoided all together when possible.

Family members comment on how difficult the process is, trying to sway their loved ones into making healthier eating choices. Many have stated that “they know food is killing them, but their addiction to it will not allow them to change.”

By, Aaron Thompson


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