Fredette and New York Knicks Would be Perfect Match


Jimmer Fredette has recently hit the free agent market after being bought out by the Sacramento Kings. Despite limited playing time, Fredette is one of the most lethal three-point shooters in the NBA and will see a number of suitors for his services. No suitor makes more sense for both sides than the New York Knicks would. Fredette and the New York Knicks would be a perfect match.

Fredette never got his career going with the Kings after averaging 28.9 points during his senior season at BYU. It was best for both parties as Fredette could attempt to live up to his sky-high potential, and the Kings could move on with Isaiah Thomas running the point.

Across the coast is an embarrassing New York Knicks team that has underperformed more than anyone could have expected this season. Everyone around superstar Carmelo Anthony is either injured or imploding, a concept that was put even more under the microscope following point guard Raymond Felton making headlines this week after turning himself into the police for threatening his wife with firearms.

Two people who happen to long for seeing Fredette light it up in Madison Square Garden would be his mom and dad.

“Well, it’s a lot closer than Sacramento,” Fredette’s father said when speaking with the New York Daily News. “Every competitive athlete, all they want is a chance to play more, have more minutes, so that’s what we’re hoping for, and what Jimmer is hoping for,” Al Fredette added.

Fredette and his family are natives of Glen Falls, NY. It may be a pipe-dream, but college basketball fans distinctly remember when “Jimmermania” captivated the eyes and hearts of fans across the nation with his pull-up 30-footers and electric scoring performances at BYU. The similarities between that and “Linsanity” of a couple of years ago when Jeremy Lin caught on with the Knicks and sparked the team to a playoff run with a number of jaw-dropping performances. Maybe that is exactly what the Knicks need right now.

Raymond Felton is facing 2 to 7 years of jail time and is averaging a career-worst 10.4 points. His backup is Pablo Prigioni, the soon-to-be 37-year-old averaging 4.1 points. Aside from those two, the Knicks roster is empty when it comes to the point guard department. The only player on the roster providing any optimism other than Anthony is rookie Tim Hardaway Jr. In order to keep Anthony interested and avoid the possibility of him jumping ship in free agency, the organization needs to reaffirm its intent on winning. Signing Fredette would be simple and effective and let Melo know they aren’t just rolling over with their 21-37 record.

Unfortunately for the Knicks, the Chicago Bulls already have their sights on Fredette. In this time of the season, players who are bought out tend to be snatched up rather quickly, especially by playoff teams. Fredette is no Derrick Rose, but Chicago is still in the thick of the playoff race in the Eastern Conference and could very well use another guard who can score.

Fredette and the New York Knicks would be a perfect match for both sides. Fredette needs somewhere where he can see heavy minutes and attempt to live up to his top-10 draft slot. The Knicks need a point guard, and basically anyone who can help improve the disaster their season has become. Few moves in the NBA make as much sense as this one. The Knicks need to sign Jimmer Fredette.

By Justin Hussong


New York Daily News


CBS New York

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