Futuristic Pornography: Disturbing and Real


During the XBIZ 360 conference in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, which gathered business leaders worldwide involved in the adult industry, there was much discussion about the future of pornography. Currently, users can watch and hear porn, but how about the other senses? Disturbing, yes, but new technologies, such as Google Glass, could very well make it real and revolutionize how users watch adult films.

According to the most recent statistics in Good Magazine, 12 percent of all websites contain pornography. In addition, a quarter of all search engine requests are pornography related, with 28,000 users on the Internet viewing porn every second. Overall, 43 percent of all users view adult material. Some, including those pushing for more family friendly content on the Internet, believe that this has reached an epidemic.

The situation does not seem be changing in an industry that keeps on thriving. From magazines and videos to the Internet, how users experience porn has still not reached its full potential. IBM predicts that in 5 years there will be technology that will allow Internet users to smell and touch, which if it does happen, will completely revolutionize the adult industry.

IBM made a list of technologies they believe we will see in 5 years called the “5 in 5.” Their most recent list in 2012 has touch screens that give back vibrations simulating the feeling of various items from a velvet blanket to a wooden desk. Taking it even further IBM also predicts there will be devices that can sense if we have certain symptoms like a cold simply by smelling our breath.

One such technology that comes to mind is the Oculus Rift, which is a gaming device that immerses the user in a three-dimensional virtual reality. With video games and 3D technology more resembling human appearances right down to the finite detail, it may only be a matter of time in the future until the gaming technology of Oculus Rift is used more disturbingly for pornography. The experience would evolve from consuming the video to interacting with it.

In role-playing video games such as Dragon Age, for example, players can choose how their avatar will appear from clothing to hair to eye color. This has implications for the future of the adult industry. No longer will porn stars be needed, instead there will be avatars which people can create to their liking – a disturbing and creepy thought, but not completely far off considering the technological advancements.

Making pornography with these new technologies seems to be the closest to becoming a reality. Google Glass in particular was discussed at XBIZ 360. One of the highlights at the event was said to be a presentation by Mikandi.com of a promotional short, featuring porn stars James Deen and Andy San Dimas, showing how pornography can be shot with Google Glass. The video is available on YouTube, some explicit language is advised.

Mikandi.com, billed as the world’s first adult app store, developed a specific application for Google Glass; however, legal issues are still being smoothed out concerning Google’s policy against nudity, sexually explicit material, and graphic sex. Nevertheless, new Glass like technologies are sure to follow without such legal restrictions.

In a decade from now on Valentines Day, loners all around the world could very well have technology in their hands to give them the real interactive loving they desire. The thought of where pornography is potentially headed in the future is a disturbing one, especially considering the epidemic of Internet porn today, but it may all not be far off from reality.

Editorial By Kollin Lore


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