Georges St. Pierre Coach Talks Retirement and Anderson Silva

Georges St. Pierre

Even though Georges St. Pierre has tried to remain discreet as possible about his departure from the Ultimate Fighting Championship(UFC), his boxing coach Freddie Roach decided to shed some light on his fighter’s possible retirement and the superfight many have been clamoring for against Anderson Silva. Georges has not fought since November, defeating Johnny Hendricks by a very controversial split decision. On December 13, St. Pierre made the announcement that he was stepping away from the UFC for a little while and would make an eventual return sometime in the future. A welterweight match up between Johnny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler will decide who will take over the belt that Georges decided to vacate.

Roach just recently sat down with Fight Hub TV and answered some questions about the former champ. While Pierre was contemplating his future, and how much time off he may need from the sport, he decided to ask Roach what his opinion was. Georges wanted to disappear from the UFC for about two years. Roach convinced him that amount of time off might as well be retirement. He also stated that the fighter was struggling with migraines before each fight and in training camps.

Georges St. Pierre
St. Pierre Works With Freddie Roach

One of the more interesting statements from Roach in the interview was the possible match up between Georges and middleweight star, Anderson Silva. An agreement was in the works for the fight to be at a catchweight for both fighters. The kicker was that Anderson Silva needed to beat the undefeated Chris Weidman in order to fight St. Pierre. The fight itself did not go as planned, as Anderson Silva suffered a broken leg during the bout and will be out an extended period of time. The timetable for either fighter to make their return back into the octagon is currently unknown.

The Relationship between Georges St. Pierre and the UFC’s president, Dana White, has been somewhat strained as of late since the champ’s departure from the company. Freddie Roach explained the fighter did not take too kind to Dana’s words after he decided to step away from the sport for a little while. He said that some of the comments the president made towards Georges kind of dragged him down a little, and put him into a bit of a depression. St. Pierre has always been a huge draw for the UFC, especially in his home country of Canada. Many experts in the sport have said Georges does not owe the UFC anything, nor should he feel trapped by the statements made by Dana White. Whether or not Georges decides to make his triumphant return, the decision is the fighter’s alone to make. Even Dana White himself would welcome back the famed Canadian to the UFC. Freddie Roach just wants the best for his fighter, whether it is retirement or the big money fight with Anderson Silva; he just wants his fighter to be happy. It may well be that St. Pierre is as happy as he can be right now, enjoying his time way from the gladiator sport and the stress that comes with being a champion.

by Justin Huffman


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