‘Ghost’ Baby Born With Almost No Blood in Her Body

'Ghost' Baby Born With Almost No Blood In Her Body

A California couple has many blessings to count after their newborn baby ended up surviving being born without most of her blood and appearing white as a ghost. Hope Juarez, who came into the world at a hospital in Irvine, California, had an extremely rare condition which caused 80 percent of the blood from her body to drain out when she was born.

It ended up leaving the baby very pale and when physicians tried to draw blood from her for routine tests, they were unable to barely get one drop. The child’s father, Josh Juarez stated that Hope was crying when they brought her over to him and his wife but she was extremely pale. He said that he realized something was really the matter when they started poking at her tiny feet attempting to draw out blood but there was none coming out.

Dr. Marielle Nguyen, who works at Kaiser Permanente, at the Irvine Medical Center, stated that Hope had lost around 80 percent or possibly more of her blood total. She was extremely pale and white. How Hope ended up being saved was doctors performed an emergency C-section on her mother, Jennifer Juarez. After she was born, her only chance at survival was to have an emergency blood transfusion.

When discussing her pregnancy, Jennifer explained that Hope was a baby that kicked a lot, at least ten times each half hour. So when that stopped, she knew something was wrong. It happened about three weeks before her due date. Jennifer rushed to see her midwife, who asked her what her gut feeling was. Jennifer said that she did not know. She just felt like something was not right with baby Hope.

Jennifer was right. Hope was suffering from a fetal-maternal hemorrhage. There was only one other known current case of this type, of a baby born that was ghost white and had survived the birth. It happened in the United Kingdom back 2012. The situations were strangely similar, the mother had also noticed that her baby, also a girl, had stopped kicking. There is a small loss of fetal blood that happens in around 98 percent of all pregnancies, but barely ever to such a degree. It is very rare that the babies live.

Dr. Nguyen explained that medical science does not know what causes fetal-maternal hemorrhage to happen. Many times a lot of it is that it just occurs unexpectedly. Sometimes the cause might be due to a motor vehicle accident or some sort of trauma. It also can happen when there is a rupture of the placenta. That is when the placenta abruptly comes off the uterine wall. That is usually always bad news.

However none of these events happened to Jennifer, so why Hope ended up losing almost all her blood is still unknown. It is also unknown how to avoid having fetal-maternal hemorrhage. The doctors explained that Jennifer ended up saving her baby daughter’s life because she took note of when Hope stopped her kicking and Jennifer when and got medical attention right then and there. If she had decided to wait even for an hour or so, Hope would not have survived. So Josh and Jennifer Juarez definitely have many blessings to count after their newborn baby ended up surviving being born without most of her blood and appearing white as a ghost.

By Kimberly Ruble


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  1. Melissa   February 5, 2014 at 10:22 pm

    Unbelievably bad writing!!

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    This article is well written in the English language. It is of good grammar and having the words that make sense when written together in phrases. I have gained more understanding of the subject when I have now finished the reading of this article that has been written. Thanks are being given towards the writer of this written article who has the name of Kimberly Ruble.

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    I know right? I frequently see poorly written articles but mly teachers in highschool were so hard on grading papers. These articles would have gotten c’s and d’s.

  4. Kaye   February 5, 2014 at 7:57 pm

    who wrote this article? it reads like it was pieced together by a 13 year old failing freshman English… also there ARE known causes of fetal/maternal hemorrhage such as the baby having a red blood cell antibody the mother does not, or the baby having a different blood type.


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