Gun Owners to Be Executed Petition Signed by College Students

gun owners

Mark Dice went to a college campus in San Diego, CA to see how many students would sign a petition to execute all registered gun owners. These students look like they are agreeing but may not be fully listening as they signed away while he explains to them the ridiculous reasons they should follow President Obama and repeal the second amendment. Mark Dice is an activist who had appeared in documentaries stirring up controversies on the government agendas and is also an author of a few books about the same government subjects. Anyone who would have recognized him would have known this was a prank.

While he walks around the college campus with his clipboard and pen, he approaches students asking them to sign his petition. He tells the students that it is to repeal the second amendment and to put the people with firearms in prison. Dice explains to the students that the people must support Obama in disarming the citizens going door to door in order to confiscate any guns that someone may have. They should trust their government to be the only ones with the guns, banning all but exempting the military and the police. He then goes on to say that they should support putting the registered owners in the FEMA concentration camps and execute all of them.

He even went as far as to telling them that they should take the gun owners guns and shoot them and if they love their guns so much “let’s just feed them some of their own lead”. Meanwhile, students are signing away. At one point, a girl did not even know what a FEMA camp was and she still signed the petition. There were only three people in the video that documented this who did not sign the petition. One person just kept walking and said nothing. One skateboarder said he did not sign petitions he knew nothing about, and one man did not sign because he was on a mission to get students into a side job for the environment and didn’t have time to discuss the petition Dice was presenting.

Petitions are very important and people signing them sometimes mean that the issue is one step closer to being considered – unlikely and unenforceable, in this case. It is still shocking and scary, however, to see that so many people were willing to sign this particular petition. These students who were paying attention to what Dice had been saying actually agreed to the surprising words coming out of his mouth. He did not even give any reasons other than “to keep everyone safe” by killing gun owners. These college students not only verbally agreed with everything Dice was saying, but the fact that they are the ones who will be leading this country in the future is quite disturbing. Sadly the students are paying a large amount of money for no education if they can just sign something as important as a petition whilst having no idea what exactly they are really signing. Perhaps,  being located in a predominantly Democratic area, they may actually feel that they believe in a petition to execute gun owners.


Editorial by Brittany Varner-Miller

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