Harper Resigns From UK Immigration Minister Post

 Mark Harper, UK Immigration Minister Resigns

British Immigration Minister Mark Harper, 43, resigned after confessing that he had employed an illegal worker.  The immigration minister wrote a letter to the Prime Minister of the UK that he was not aware of the fact that the Colombian worker was illegal.  Harper voluntarily left his post by sending an apology to everyone.  Prime Minister David Cameron accepted Harper’s resignation but lamented it.  Harper’s resignation comes after a background check conducted on his maid.

Additionally, the Downing Street said, the Immigration Minister had employed the illegal worker without prior knowledge.  The cleaner had been working for Harper since 2007, and she had shown him fake documents at the time he employed her.  It was just recently that the office conducted background checks on her.  It was revealed that the worker had no legal right to be in the United Kingdom.  In April 2007, Harper checked her passport copy and letter that indicated that she had the right to work in the UK legally.  Her name was Isabella Acevedo, she is from Colombia, South America, and Harper paid her around twenty two British pounds weekly from Parliamentary funds.  Now, he has an 8,000 pound as a pay off even though he quit his position.  Scotland yard was notified by the MPs on the incident.  John Mann told the police commissioner in a letter that its not an honorable move of Harper’s resignation.  He has used taxpayer’s money to pay his house maid while he was serving in the office, contradictory to the title position he was on.  Many believe there should be further investigation done on the case involving Harper and his maid.  He can end up paying penalty of five thousand British pounds in a civil suit.

Harper quit from his position as the immigration minister, because of his personal belief that he should hold “high standards” as the minister.  Furthermore, Prime Minister David Cameron said he understands Harper’s reasoning behind the resignation and accepts it by recognizing it as an honorable decision.  While serving as the minister of immigration, Harper has been blunt on the subject of illegal immigration.  Harper on national TV told people to “go home” when many were denied asylum in UK.  Suddenly, now his worker turns out to be without any legal status, and she worked as a cleaner at Harper’s apartment.  This is contradictory to his image and what he professed while serving his position, with “go home” to immigrants.  He stressed landlords to check backgrounds of their workers.  It was just over a year ago that Mark Harper was appointed as the British Minister of Immigration; before that, he was a minister in the Cabinet.  In 2005, Harper was the conservative MP in Gloucestershire.  On Saturday, the British immigration minister, Mark Harper resigned from the ministry for employing an undocumented worker.

The incident of the Immigration Minister hiring an illegal worker at his apartment without any knowledge certainly serves as a setback for the Cameron’s conservative administration.  The United Kingdom government was committed to reducing the immigrant numbers annually to fewer than 100,000.  Harper’s worker did not have indefinite permission to stay and work in the UK.  After finding this, Harper told the Home Secretary Theresa May on Thursday about the worker. Theresa further backed him by saying that he did not broke any legal code.

The Labor MP, Keith Vaz, said Harper has left a complimentary and efficient work while serving as the minister of immigration.  The BBC Home Affairs correspondent, Danny Shaw commented that Harper will be mostly remembered as “go home” advertisement on the vans.  No legal action will be taken against Harper said the Home Secretary, and other hand, Cabinet Office said he should not be cleared so easily.  In addition to that, Acevedo, the maid, will be confronting some legal consequences.  On February 8, the immigration minister of UK, Mark Harper, resigned from office based on his belief to hold high standards.

By Iqra Amjad


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