‘Heroes Reborn’ Creators Need to Consider Predecessor Fall

Heroes RebornHeroes Reborn is due to hit the screens in 2015, but the creators need to consider its predecessor’s fall. If they do not, the show will never succeed.

The one thing the show has working for it is Tim Kring, who returns as the executive producer. Kring created the first Heroes and understands the universe. He created a successful show, considering the first season of Heroes was one of the must-watch programs at the time.

The premise was simple. It involved mini-arcs, very much like a comic book, and switched between a small number of characters around the world. Some of those characters were good people with supernatural abilities, some evil and others had no abilities at all. But the second season introduced long arcs and complicated storylines that threw viewers off. It was worse than Lost in many aspects, which had people guessing at every turn all the way up to the final episode.

Kring has already hinted that the show is not going to continue where it left off, where cheerleader Claire Bennett, played by Hayden Paniettere, jumped off a ledge to show that people with abilities did exist. He has already made it clear that there will be new characters, but some of the originals may appear. That will probably depend on the schedules of those currently working on new projects. Paniettere is currently starring in Nashville, and many of the others have moved on to other things.

But if Heroes Reborn is going to succeed, new characters are not all that will be needed. Heroes Reborn creators will need to really consider what worked and what caused its predecessor to fall.

Living up to expectations is a must. At the very beginning, a confrontation between Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) and Sylar (Zachary Quinto) was promised. It would destroy New York City, and who knew the destruction it would cause to the world? When it came to the confrontation, it was a half-hearted attempt that left many disappointed.

Speaking of Sylar, making the villain a hero was one of the biggest mistakes to make, even if he became a villain again. Doing it once could come across as playing the game to survive and reach a goal, but doing it over and over again meant fans stopped enjoying the character and became bored with the show.

Destroying Hiro’s (Masi Oka) character was also one of the worst things that happened. Hiro’s charismatic outlook on life and his powers were something drew in fans. In season two, however, there was a shift and he ended up opening a vault he was never supposed to because he was bored. While that set up the events of season three, it was not something fans liked and the show paid the price.

Finally, giving non-superhuman characters powers just took the whole dynamic away from the show. Mohinda (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and Ando (James Kyson Lee) were the two “normal” characters many fans loved to watch. It showed the dynamic between the normal and heroic characters, and showed the normal ones could still be good and helpful—and even save the day. Then they received powers and went off the deep end.

The only way for a reboot to succeed is to learn from the mistakes the first ones made. Before even starting to write Heroes Reborn, the creators need to look at the reasons its predecessor fell from being the must-watched series to the must-avoid one.

By Alexandria Ingham




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