Heroes Reborn: New Characters, New Plot (Video)

heroesBased on the same concept as Heroes that was a science fiction TV show based on characters with superhuman powers, Heroes Reborn is set to air on NBC in 2015. The miniseries will be a 13-week installment, which will be able to stand alone, not in continuation of the original series. Get ready for a host of new characters and a new plot.

Tim Kring first caught viewers attention in September, 2006 when the original Heroes aired. He created a series about everyday people with extraordinary powers, set in a comic book theme. Most did not know how to handle the powers and finding each other provided some relief because they knew they were not alone in figuring it out.

Though the catch phrase was “Save the cheerleader, save the world,” the show was not always about saving people. Each character went though their own way of dealing with their super power. They were each capable of a certain power, which included the ability to read minds, regenerate, see the future, pass through walls, control technology, start fires, time travel, fly and create electricity. Some used time travel for fun, hurt themselves just to see themselves heal or worked to control their power so they would not hurt anyone. Others, however, used their power to destroy people.

The show was hugely popular in its first season, averaging 14.3 million U.S. viewers. The brand made it even more popular. They had an online experience, Heroes Evolution, magazines, books, interactive websites, clothes and other marketing items. It won a host of awards, including Emmy Awards, Golden Globes, People’s Choice Awards and British Academy Television Awards.

The show lost momentum after the first season. Fans expected to be thrilled, but the show took another turn with character development and building up a bigger story. Kring himself admits that, in retrospect, it took too long to show viewers the big picture, and in the process, some viewers were lost. After debating over a six or thirteen week fifth season, the network decided to cancel the show altogether. Heroes ended in 2010, after four seasons on the network.

Despite being cut, the show developed a solid fan-base that is still going strong. NBC.com shows that Heroes is still one of the best-selling TV shows on DVD, having sold over 10 million copies. Now the makers of Heroes will capitalize on this fan-base and delve into fresh material, with new faces.

A new cast is planned for Heroes Reborn. Many of the actors and actresses from the original series are committed to other projects now. The cheerleader, Hayden Panettiere, is currently staring on Nashville and Zachary Quinto, who played the evil Sylar, is now playing on Star Trek, for example. But fans can expect to see appearances of their favorite characters on the new miniseries.

An advertisement for the new show was aired during the Olympics. The short trailer announcing the revival of the popular show was nothing more than a teaser, but a digital series is expected before the miniseries airs to introduce fans to the new characters and new plot. Meanwhile, fans will have to wait until next year to see Heroes Reborn and how the miniseries will play out.

By Tracy Rose


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  1. devlin85   March 7, 2014 at 9:44 pm

    I wanna know how it went from “well, 6 or 13 episodes for season 5” to “eh, let’s just scrap the whole thing!?” I mean it only brought in more ratings in it’s worst season than SNL’s best episode in the past decade.. Cancel it! GREAT IDEA!

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