Heroin Laced With Powerful Drug Killing Users


There has been an alarming rise in the number of deaths caused by heroin spiked with lethal amounts of the drug fentanyl. The drug is a powerful opiate, known to kill in even small amounts. Most of the people who shoot up with it have no idea how much has been mixed in, so the potential for a deadly cocktail is great. This is just the latest rash of heroin laced with powerful drugs killing users and it has killed over 75 people already. back in 2006 there was a large epidemic in which several hundred were killed.

The dangerous drug fentanyl is usually given to those suffering from chronic pain such as end stage cancer and other terminal illnesses. Sometimes used as an anesthetic, it is known to be 80 times more potent than morphine and can easily kill by inhibiting the breath. The significant rise in deaths recently is of particular concern because the drug fentanyl can be absorbed through the skin. Batches of the lethal mixture are half fentanyl. This disturbing information prompted the DEA to release a warning bulletin alerting local authorities of what agents have dubbed the “Killer Heroin”.The heroin that was found in the home of veteran actor Seymour Hoffman was also tested, but was found to contain no traces of the additive.

Several states have been hit with lethal overdoses from these killer batches of heroin. In the western regions of Pennsylvania there were 22 deaths in just the last few weeks. 25 deaths were reported in Rhode Island and at least 37 people have died in Maryland as a result of this drug that is touted by drug dealers as a “super high”. The terrible result of the so called “super high” has authorities and law enforcement scrambling to get it off the streets. The heroine laced with this most powerful of drugs, killing users left and right, has no definitive end in sight as it is difficult to know for certain just how much has made it’s way onto the streets. What is even scarier for heroine users in Vermont, is that police there have alerted the public that pure fentanyl is being hawked as heroin, making death almost certain for those unfortunate enough to come across it and inject it.Heroin

Heroin use has managed to make a surprising comeback in recent years and the demand for it is high (no pun intended). Dealers tend to market the drug as being a really potent mix that will give users an enhanced high guaranteed to take them over the edge, a cut above the rest so to speak. They are certainly correct in its ability to take a user right over the edge, but for the user, sadly, it is an edge they may not come back from.

Authorities have identified certain batches of the lethal heroin that have tested positive for the drug fentanyl. So far they have found bags stamped with the words, “Bud light,” “Theraflu” and “Income Tax” to be the heroin laced with powerful drugs that have killed so many and could be the cause of even more deaths.

By Mai Nowlin




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