Hong Kong Disneyland Remains a Hit in China

Hong Kong Disneyland

The Hong Kong Disneyland theme park still remains a major hit among mainland Chinese who have continued to flock to the resort since it was opened in 2005. Today, park officials released plans to build a new third resort that would help cater to the  approximately seven million people who visit the park annually.

Disney’s Hong Kong resort was originally built in  September of 2005, and was Disney’s fifth resort in the world. Although the park is smaller in comparison with Japan’s Tokyo Disney Resort, the Hong Kong Disneyland resort still remains a hit among tourists and who visit China throughout the year. The Hong Kong resort will also receive some competition from the soon to be opened Disneyland location in Shanghai. Attendance statistics and the revenue of $629.3 million generated in the park in 2013 from were both reason enough for Disney to invest $547 million into opening the new hotel.

Andrew Kam, managing director of the Hong Kong’s Disneyland announced that both the Walt Disney Company and the Hong Kong government were “excited about the new hotel project” and that the new hotel would help to add to the “diversity of Hong Kong’s offerings for tourists from around the world.” The new 750 room resort’s theme will be based on “exotic locations” from around the world.

The ownership of the park itself is split between the Hong Kong government, which owns 52 percent of the park, and Walt Disney Co. who owns the other 48 percent. Park officials reported that the new hotel will be funded partly by the park’s own cash, with other funds coming from Disney and the Hong Kong government.

Hong Kong Disneyland
The Hong Kong Disneyland Resort has its own celebration every year to welcome in the Chinese New Year.

The park recently opened a new expansion called “Mystic Point” in May 2013 which was themed around a thick rain forest surrounded by mysterious and mystic forces. The park had also recently celebrated Chinese New Year, dressing up characters in traditional Chinese New Year costumes and regalia. Disney park officials also announced the creation of a new “Iron Man Experience” which would be opened in 2016. Disney, who purchased Marvel back in August 2009 will focus the exhibit around the Iron Man franchise, which is extremely popular in China. The exhibit will showcase some of Iron Man’s suits featured in the films, along with other Stark inventions that were created as well.

Hong Kong Disneyland
The soon to open Disney resort in Shanghai may provide some competition for Disney’s Hong Kong park.

The addition of  the new 750 hotel rooms to the Hong Kong resort will help relieve the load on the other two hotels, the “Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel” and “Disney’s Hollywood Hotel,” both of which had averaged an overall occupancy rate of over 90 percent the past three years. Approximately 48 million tourists travel to Hong Kong every year for vacation. Although the park is one of Disney’s smaller and more compact locations, the Hong Kong Disneyland resort still remains a hit in China. The success and popularity of Hong Kong’s Disneyland resort, alongside Tokyo’s Disneyland Resort and the soon to be opened Disney Shanghai resort, are proof enough that Disney still continues to capture the hearts and imaginations of people around the world.

By Tyler Shibata

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