Hot Girls Pearls Cool Way to Ease Menopausal Hot Flashes (Interview)

Hot Girls Pearls Cool Way to Ease Menopausal Hot Flashes

Hot Girls Pearls are the solution for you, if you are experiencing hot flashes from either going through menopause, or because you’re hot-natured, or pregnant, or for any other reason, and you’d like to feel better and be fashionable at the same time. Hot Girls Pearls is the brain child of inventor Connie Sherman.

Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Connie and ask her a few questions about Hot Girls Pearls and what gave her the inspiration for dreaming them up. From what Connie told me in the interview I did with her, having hot flashes is definitely not a fun experience. Hot Girls Pearls is not a cure to having hot flashes, but Connie certainly came up with a product to make going through them more bearable.

Douglas Cobb: Connie, your product Hot Girls Pearls is both an attractive fashion accessory, as well as being a great way to deal with the hot flashes women experience during pregnancy and menopause. You and Hot Girls Pearls have been featured in the Oprah Winfrey Magazine, and on various TV programs, such as The View, and you’ve even been interviewed by Katie Couric, right?

For the readers of The Guardian Liberty Voice who have perhaps never heard of Hot Girls Pearls before, would you please describe what they are and what gave you the idea for them?

Connie Sherman: (Katie question) Yes, I’ve been quite fortunate to have had the amazing media coverage I’ve had, and the terrific people I’ve met.

HOT GIRLS PEARLS are the first fashionable freezable necklaces and bracelets designed to help women keep cool and look great at the ‘hottest’ of times. These 28mm pearls are cleverly designed to hold the same non-toxic cooling gel, (like that found in an ice pack) but disguised as a beautiful strand of pearls. The biggest difference is that HOT GIRLS PEARLS aren’t stored in a jewelry box…they are stored in the freezer! They fasten and open with a sturdy magnetic clasp, making them simple to wear. While every woman is different, they can keep cooling for up to an hour before refreezing. We even designed an insulated travel pack that includes an ice pad in it’s pocket, so that when the wearer stores the pearls and the purse in the freezer, she can take the whole pack with her, and be assured that her pearls can stay cold for up to 4 hours!

Just like the saying “Necessity is the mother of invention”, I say ‘Meet Mom!’ When I was 47 years old I was put on a medication that has many side effects. The effect on me was that I turned into the ‘Towering Inferno’. I live in New York City, and we have all four seasons. I wasn’t surprised how hot I felt during the Spring and Summer, but as Fall moved into Winter, and I was still boiling hot, to the extent that I would run home and literally stick my head in the freezer in order to cool down!

To make matters worse, once I entered menopause, I wasn’t allowed to take anything to relieve those hot flashes because of the drug. There was no hope, I started giving away wool clothing, staying away from places where the air felt too close, basically restricting myself to living in front of my air conditioner!

In March of 2010, I was ‘celebrating’ my twelfth year of being on fire, when we had a 36 hour snowstorm! I was in heaven, until the following day, when the sun came out and the temperature rose to 70. I absolutely freaked out! I knew I couldn’t take it anymore when all of a sudden, just like in the comics, a light bulb literally went on over my head! I looked everywhere, found nothing, and thought to myself, “I need to wear ice cubes around my neck!” I bought some plastic ice cubes, taped them to a string, froze it…and it worked!

That was the advent of HOT GIRLS PEARLS.

Douglas Cobb: You introduced the world to your product Hot Girls Pearls back in 2011, but how long before that did you have the basic idea for Hot Girls Pearls? Did you finance your invention with your own money, or did you have backers, or was it a combination of the two?

Connie Sherman: Once I had the idea, things moved pretty quickly. Part of that is due to the fact that I became very focused, doing nothing but work on it from that day on. With research done on the internet, I found someone to make the prototype. In a case of a try small world, he happened to be someone who makes those plastic ice cubes! With very minimal money, we introduced the pearls to the public about fourteen months after that March Day in 2010. My financing came from my family and my own
resources, and a small loan by a micro-finance bank. Of course, I’m always looking for a great investor/business partner!

Douglas Cobb: Connie, without giving away anything secret, would you please tell our readers what the Hot Girls Pearls are made of?

Connie Sherman: As I said earlier, there isn’t really a secret as to how the pearls are made. Well, the actual patented design of the pearl is a secret, but the cooling agent is just a gel like in baby teething rings. The whole purpose of it is to hold water, and turn it into more of a solid than a liquid. We only would use something safe, as if there was a leak, it wouldn’t be harmful in any way. The pearl itself is made like any good costume jewelry, and finished with six coats of pearl paint to get the exact finish I was looking for.

Douglas Cobb: How do the Hot Girls Pearls work, Connie? In what way are they great to wear on the tennis court (or while playing other sports), besides when women reach the age when they have hot flashes and/or menopause?

Connie Sherman: When I first thought about HOT GIRLS PEARLS, I was really thinking of women with menopausal hot flashes, as I knew that if I was suffering, I wasn’t the only one. I thought that that market alone was big enough, but I had no idea how many other women with other situations would react so positively! Women with cancer, lupus, multiple sclerosis, migraines, pregnant or breast feeding…all of these conditions were steaming them up as well. Then women golfers, tennis players, soccer moms, spas, salons…even Hollywood makeup artists were using them to keep actors cool under hot lights.

Douglas Cobb: Do you sell your product Hot Girls Pearls online, through retail outlets, or both? Would you please tell our readers where they can find out more about your product and how much they cost?

Connie Sherman: HOT GIRLS PEARLS are available in about 200 independent gift and accessories shops right now, as well as catalogs (Smithsonian, Femail), spas, country clubs and salons, through Curediva, a website for cancer survivors, amazon, and our own website as well. We are doing our first trade show in the West now, to introduce our wonderful pearls to you!

We have two ‘Coollections’; The Original which starts at $36.00 for the bracelet, and the necklace which comes in three lengths, 16″,18″ and 20″ retail for $60.00, $66.00 and $72.00 respectively. The Evening Coollection, complete with custom crystal-encrusted custom magnetic clasp, Swarovski petite pearls and custom Swarovski crystal rondelles start at $56.00 for the bracelet; the necklaces, in the same lengths as the original, are $88.00, $98.00 and $108.00 respectively. The fabulous travel purse with ice pad included sells for $18.00. We tell our customers that the purse is also great for carrying makeup during warm seasons, or medication that needs refrigeration.

Douglas Cobb: How many units of your product Hot Girls Pearls have you sold altogether so far?

What is your profit margin on each unit?

Connie Sherman: We have sold over 10,000 strands of HOT GIRLS PEARLS since starting in June of 2011. As far as margins go, let me just say that every bit of money earned goes right back into the company for more research and development, salaries, and purchasing of components.

Douglas Cobb: How fun was it meeting everyone on The View? Were you nervous? How was it like?

Connie Sherman: I actually never met anyone on the View personally. I merely dropped off necklaces and purses at the studio where they shoot in Manhattan one day, not knowing that Whoopi would talk about them on the show!

Douglas Cobb: I just have a few more questions for you, Connie! First, are there currently any other products that you know of similar to your? If so, what makes yours better or different than the others?

Connie Sherman: There are other products meant to help women cool down, such as bandanas that must be dampened, or vests that run water through tubes (yikes!) in the lining, but, no, there is nothing like HOT GIRLS PEARLS on the market. Naturally, I think our solution is the sanest and most attractive out there!

Douglas Cobb: I have really loved your answers so far, Connie! My last question for now is what are your dreams for your product Hot Girls’ Pearls? Do you have plans to buy more machinery, to meet consumer demand for your product? Do you have plans on expanding the line to include other inventions in the future?

Connie Sherman: My dream for HOT GIRLS PEARLS is the ability to expand worldwide. We have sold thousands of necklaces in Australia, Canada, the U.K. and to some women in Europe, but would love to have the ability to set up distribution all over. We have recently brought most of our production back to the United States, so we can give more jobs to our fellow countrymen. I always say, in a half-joking way, ‘I’m merely looking for world domination-in a cool way!’

Douglas Cobb: Thanks, Connie, for agreeing to do this interview with me! I learned a lot about you and your product Hot Girls Pearls, and I can see where they would be perfect to help bring relief to many women. I wish you much luck and success with Hot Girls Pearls!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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