India Allowed to Participate in Sochi Olympics


Officials have stated that the Olympic Committee has decided to allow India to participate in the games at Sochi.

Three Indian athletes – Himanshu Thakur, Nadeem Iqbal and luger Shiva Keshavan – were already at the venue, but participating as independent candidates and not as representatives of the country. However in a historic move, a previous suspension was lifted and the sportsmen were permitted to compete under their national flag. This is the first time ever that a suspension has been lifted, while the games are in progress.

According to reports, India’s Olympics Committee suffered the ignominy of being suspended, in 2012, on grounds of having breached the Olympic Charter. The cause of the breach was the election of corrupt officials to the committee. New members who conformed to the Charter were elected on Sunday. Due to the suspension, the country did not have their flag present during the opening ceremony, but the tricolor will now be raised at the Olympic Village.

By Grace Stephen


Huffington Post

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