iPhone 4 Re-Launched


After much consideration, Apple plans to re-launch the iPhone 4 in order to increase sales. The product will be reintroduced to markets in India, Indonesia and Brazil. What will the result be now that Apple has taken a few steps back and resumed production on a product they had already discontinued? Apple’s decision to continue production on the iPhone 4 was a reaction to the lack of sales of the newer products such as the iPhone 5c generated for the company.

Apple is a company that continuously strives to introduce new products into the market. This can be seen from the various apple merchandise available for purchase today. Ranging from phones and laptops to even personal computers, Apple has a presence with almost every form of electronic media. The iPhone, which started from the second and third generation evolved to the 4 and 4s and was then was finally developed into the 5s and 5c series. Now, there are even talks of introducing the iPhone 6. Hence, it seems odd when a company that follows the ideal to innovate to excite suddenly ditches a newer model in favor of producing an older one.

Launching a new smartphone into a market is a difficult task, even more so when it comes to generating sales. Different markets around the world have different customers and policies. Hence, decisions made in one country by a company might totally differ from the decisions and policies implemented in another. Countries like India and Indonesia do not usually have yearly contracts when they purchase a new phone. They instead have to pay the complete price of the product. Because of this, consumers in these market prefer products that are affordable, but at the same time are also popular. When Apple introduced the iPhone 5c, they intended for it to be a solution to this problem but it ultimately backfired. In order to keep consumer satisfaction, Apple is planning to re-launch the iPhone 4 as it was a well-known device and at the same time was affordable.

Yet there are still a few doubts as to whether the decision to introduce an older version of the product was a wise one or not. Much like the companies that wish to keep on producing creative and innovative devices, consumers desire only the latest in technology. Would a consumer wish to pay for a phone that has already been in the market for such a long time? With all the choices available in the market, maybe not. It should be noted that Apple is not the only company that manufactures smartphones and as such, competition in the market is always fierce. With all the competition, it is yet to be revealed if introducing an older product into such a market was a good idea.

A customer is never bound to always buy from the same company. The only thing that keeps a customer loyal is satisfaction. As long as the consumer feels that he is getting the product he needs, he will remain a regular client to the company. If consumers feel there is a better alternate available, they will surely switch and try out the next product. Before Apple goes ahead and re-launches the iPhone 4, they should be sure that they have accumulated enough loyal customers to stick with their product no matter what.

Editorial by Hammad Ali


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