Mysterious Booms Reported in Kentucky and Illinois

Mysterious Booms Reported in Kentucky and Illinois

For people in western Kentucky, they have reported hearing mysterious, loud, shuddering booms for two days in a row. The story first came out on Saturday evening that it had been occurring. Individuals from counties all across the western part of the state along with residents of southern Illinois were complaining about how they had all felt and heard the same mystery sounds. The police and also a number of public safety investigators have been working on trying to get to the bottom of just what is causing such bizarre noises. Meanwhile, residents of both states can do nothing but wait.

One man, Leon Cunningham, has resided in Livingston County for almost 30 years and he stated that he knew what normal sounds and sights were that went on around where he lived. However what happened over this past weekend was something entirely different. He heard sounds that he had never heard before in his life. Cunningham explained that the noises just went off like large booms. They were extremely loud and shook his whole neighborhood. In fact they rattled all the houses around the area and in his house, several items ended up falling from the shelves they rested on.

Cunningham continued by saying that after everything seemed to settle down, rumors started up. The entire town began rushing outside, wanting to know what had happened. People were asking questions back and forth to each other but no one had any answers. Cunningham explained that the individuals in his neighborhood were scared and confused and had no idea if or when they would experience another booming noise. They were all obviously upset about the incidents and that they were not getting any answers.

The mystery continues to keep the townsfolk on edge. Livingston County Emergency Management Director Brent Stringer explained that any rumors going around have already been ruled out as causes. The booms did not come from any seismic activity, severe weather, blasting at rock quarries or explosives going off at gun shows. Stringer stated his office would continue looking for the source of the sounds and search until they either actually found out what caused the booms or they ran out of options.

Such sounds like this may occur but it is not a reason for a whole town to panic. Yet sometimes individuals can demand answers quickly so they might turn to the Internet for answers. A person may end up on websites which are more focused on conspiracy theories than actually science.

However it is worth noting that there have been numerous reports of other unexplained booms which range all the way from Delaware to Arizona. There has, as of yet, been no one who has had the ability to explain just what they might be.

These booms are happening all over the Earth and the reasons behind them may be diverse. Some can be explained away by military planes breaking the sound barrier; others due to meteors striking the ground; some are even from giant blasts at quarries or several different types of explosions. There have been many strange noises that people have heard only to discover later they had heard trains going by or the military performing maneuvers.

Regardless, whatever caused those strange booms in Kentucky and Illinois; hopefully Director Stringer and his team will be able to find out the origin of them so the residents of western Kentucky and southern Illinois can rest a little easier.

By Kimberly Ruble


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  5. Dustin   February 2, 2016 at 7:55 am

    Depending on where people live in KY, they may be hearing artillery and other sounds from Ft. Campbell. There has been an increased amount of training going on the past couple of weeks. I live near post so I hear it all the time but I have been told that people hear the artillery all the way out to Houston County, TN which is about 30-40 minutes away from post.

  6. Jackie Lightfoot   July 10, 2014 at 7:29 am

    If they live anywhere near an interstate it could be a semi truck blowing out a tire. Happens a lot. It does shake the house.


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