iPhone 6 Upgrades Leaked to Web


Apple users have been impatiently waiting for the release date of the iPhone 6 since the day the iPhone 5s and 5c were released in 2013. That day may have finally come. Yesterday sources out of South Korea leaked the new iPhone 6 upgrades to the web. Since these leaks, speculations have run wild about this new and improved Apple product.

The source of the leak originates from KDB Daeoo Securities research in South Korea. In the past, this company has leaked reliable information about previous iPhone releases so most people are taking their report very seriously. The iPhone 6 is reportedly set to have several new and improved features from the previous iPhone models. One in particular that has smartphone fans in awe is the upgrade that may be given to the camera. Several previous versions of the iPhone have struggled with inferior cameras. Sure, they can take a good picture in a well lit setting, just like most smartphones can; the weak link in the hardware came when users attempted to take low light quality shots. These pictures would not be of much use to users as they did not have high resolution of visibility. The iPhone 6 reportedly aims to change that.

All newer iPhones are equipped with a front and rear camera. The iPhone 5s currently uses an 8mp f/2.2 aperture on the rear camera. The new iPhone 6 will reportedly feature a 10mp with a better f/1.8 aperture. For most, these are just meaningless numbers. The bottom line is that the new phone will have a completely new hardware set up as well as a light sensor upgrade. This means users may now be able to take extraordinarily good pictures with their iPhones regardless of light. The new camera feature would appeal to a large portion of smartphone users because they generally use their phones as social media machines.

Several other features of the new iPhone 6 have also been leaked to the web. There will supposedly be two versions of the new phone. One will have a 4.7/4.8 inch display and will be the standard model for the new line. A larger, 5.5 inch screen phone will also be released. It will serve as more of a “phablet” than a phone. The larger phablet is in line with recent trends. Users want a computer and not a phone, and though a phablet does not meet the same expectations as iPad, it is closer to that than a regular phone is. The iPhone 6 will also sport a higher resolution than previous models. It will be 440ppi and 510ppi respectively for the two new phones.

Apple also reportedly plans to upgrade the operating system within the iPhone line itself. Though this is the eighth smartphone Apple has released, it does not plan to release an eighth operating system. Instead they will upgrade the current IOS 7.0 to a 7.2. This has sparked some conversation and debate within the technological community. Until now, Apple has always come out with a new operating system. This new direction may be due to the speed at which these new phones are coming out. The iPhone 5 was released barely six months ago.

More important to users than the leaks about the iPhone 6 upgrades is the release date. The smaller screen iPhone 6 is expected to hit shelves after a June announcement at the Worldwide Developers Conference. The larger phone will likely be released a bit later. Though knowing Apple, it may be having a bit of fun with its customers. Rumors have also surfaced that say this new product will not be released until fall. For now, users are impatiently waiting for the day their old phones can go into the trash.

By Chris Chisam


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