Iran Snow Storm

The heaviest snow storm in 50 years hit provinces of Northern Iran.  The snow and cold temperatures hit across much of Iran this month. The snow storm has been classified as the worst snow storm since the last five decades. All educational institutes were closed on Tuesday.  The Iran’s Red Crescent head said that an estimated 11,000 people were stuck in the snow and have been rescued from the heavy snow.  According to reports, around 4,000 people have been placed in shelters and about 79 people were hospitalized.  Furthermore, at least four people have died in the storm.

Iran’s snow storm began on Friday and has dropped about seven feet of snow during this time.  People in Mazandaran, Gilan, and other provinces of Northern Iran were left without any water and electricity.  Temperatures in Tehran dropped drastically around -7 C (19 Fahrenheit).  Meanwhile, some provinces faced temperature of -18 C that made Saturday as one of the most freezing night of the year in Iran.  Moreover, according to Iran’s media and officials, more than 50,000 people are without any gas supply and power because of the heavy snow storm, while the cold temperatures hit across Iran.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and army troops have been placed by the Iranian government to provide assistance to the effected struck by the snow storm.  This heavy snow storm has hit Iran badly, cutting power and water in the Northern region of Iran, leaving villagers without electricity.  Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has appointed an emergency ministerial group to supervise relief efforts and assistance to the provinces in the region of Northern Iran.  The universities and all the schools were closed in the nation’s capital, Tehran, as well as in the twenty other provinces of Iran due to the relentless snow storm.  Military helicopters have been dispatched to rescue the effected people in the regions hit by the severe storm.  Roads were closed in the villages of Gilan, Iran.  The chief of Iranian police, Ahmadreza Radan, said the forces are fully equipped and ready to reach the Mazandaran and Gilan provinces.  Many units have been already sent to provide assistance and relief effort to the areas hit by the snow storm.

Additionally, the Iranian officials claim that a new satellite will be launched in the coming days that will orbit and take higher resolution pictures, and will improve Iran’s wireless communication.  These satellites are developed by researchers from Tehran’s University of Science and Industry, and Malek Ashtar University. The satellites will help prepare Iran for further incidents and disasters.

Afghanistan, Iran’s neighbor country, also was hit by the snow last week.  The troops made snowman and enjoyed the weather fully.  In Iran, families were out on streets to enjoy the snow fall, as well. The snow brought joy for all the age groups; from the kids to adults, and to the elderly.  Another snow storm is expected to hit the western part of Iran, however; and it remains to be seen if the country’s resources can handle some of the toughest weather experienced there in years.

By Iqra Amjad



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