Jason Biggs Shares Video of Wife’s Labor

Jason BiggsJason Biggs became a dad, but did something a little different by sharing a video of his wife’s labor. Most women would be screaming at their husbands for this type of stunt, but Jelly Mollen seemed to not even realize that she was being filmed at different points of her labor.

The American Pie star decided that taking the video was the perfect way to remember the birth of their first child together, son Sid. It is definitely a unique way to remember the moments, including being wheeled down the hallway so Mollen could have an emergency c-section. The baby was born late Saturday afternoon and weighed 8lbs 8oz.

Biggs shared the memorable moments through a cut and paste job on his Instagram account. It started with Mollen sitting in the car in the early stages of labor while the actor packed the car to make sure everything was ready. The camera sat at the front, presumably on the dashboard, and Mollen’s husband can be seen now and then placing things into the trunk of his car.

During the early stages, Mollen can be heard saying how it hurts. It then cuts to her in the hospital bed and she seems somewhat surprised to see that her husband is still there with her. He asks her if she wants him to be there, but another labor pain hits her and nobody gets to hear the answer to the question. Biggs then stops filming the video of his wife’s labor for a while before sharing the point where they are wheeling down the hallway for the unplanned c-section.

There is some laughing and joking on the way to the operating theater. The staff laugh about the bed turning, and the American Pie actor makes a joke asking them if the have “done it before.”

Biggs then cuts the video to after the birth. He congratulates his wife and tells her how cute their new son looks. It is a loving moment between the couple, before the reality of their family growing hits them.

After the birth of Sid, the pair started sharing other photos of their time in the hospital. Mollen shared photos of herself sleeping while doped up with painkillers to let friends, family and fans know that she is healthy. She made a note of how much she loved diladun, the painkiller she was on. There are also photos of the preparation before the c-section shared.

The couple shared their news on the Chelsey Lately show in July. Lately mentioned that Mollen’s breasts looked engorged and Biggs could not help but share that he “put a baby in her belly.” Four months later, Mollen explained that she reluctantly gave into a baby shower after finding out that it was going to be a high tea event in Beverley Hills.

Sid is the first child for both the couple, so it makes sense that they want to make it memorable. Since they are both in Hollywood, it also makes sense for them to appear on film. Biggs decided that posting his wife’s labor to his Instagram followers was also the best way to share the news with their fans.

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