JPMorgan Chase Employee Third to Die in String of Company Deaths

 JPMorgan Chase

A JPMorgan Chase Employee fell to his death off of the roof of the bank’s Hong Kong headquarters on Tuesday afternoon. He is the third to die in a string of mysterious deaths over the past three weeks within the company’s ranks. The 33-year-old man, whose identity has been withheld by Hong Kong police, climbed to the top of the bank’s headquarters in the Chater House building and leaped thirty stories to his death. The man was taken to a hospital and was declared dead at 2:31pm.

The man, who was a junior employee with the bank, disregarded the police’s attempts to talk him down after he had climbed to the top of the building after lunch. Witnesses recall that after he ignored the police he jumped off of the thirty story building and landed in the four-lane road below. His death is the third death in a string of mysterious deaths that have plagued the company over the past three weeks.

Gabriel Magee, a JPMorgan Chase tech executive who worked with the company for ten years fell to his death from the top of the bank’s 33-story headquarters in London earlier on January 28. Investigators concluded that Magee’s death showed no signs or suspicions of foul play. An investigation is currently ongoing in regards to the February 3 death of Ryan Crane, a JPMorgan Equities Trading Executive who was found dead in his home in Stamford, Connecticut. Crane worked at JPMorgan Chase for over 14 years. The cause of his death has yet to be determined as a toxicology report that was conducted will be completed in about six weeks.

JPMorgan Chase
The death at the 30 story tall Chater House building in Hong Kong Tuesday afternoon is the third in a string of JPMorgan Chase employee deaths.

While there has not been any evidence found that can link Monday’s death of the JPMorgan Chase employee in Hong Kong to the other two, the fact that the string of deaths took place within the span of three weeks has raised some eyebrows. Foul play was ruled out of two of the deaths, while Ryan Crane’s death is still under investigation. A JPMorgan spokesperson e-mailed statements after each of their employees deaths, all sympathizing “Our thoughts and sympathy are with his family and his friends.”

Earlier this year JPMorgan Chase agreed to pay $2.5 billion in fines and penalties in order to spare any of the executives involved in Bernard Madoff’s $65 billion Ponzi scheme. Madoff claimed in a jailhouse interview that JPMorgan, along with other big banks, “knew what was going on.” In September 2013, JPMorgan Chase was also fined $920 million after admitting that the company had failed to monitor reckless trading that led to a $6 billion loss.

The death of the JPMorgan Chase employee at Chater House building in Hong Kong has not been connected to either Gabriel Magee’s death in London, or to Ryan Crane’s death in Connecticut. Although the unidentified JPMorgan employee is the third to die in a string of deaths within the company’s global ranks, investigators and police officials have all ruled out foul play.

By Tyler Shibata


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