Jennifer Lopez Is Heading For TV


Jennifer Lopez has just signed on to star and executive produce Shades of Blue, a new television drama set to air in 2015 on NBC. This will mark her first television acting role in over 20 years. According to The Hollywood Reporter Lopez will portray a single mother and cop hired by the FBI to work undercover in its anti-corruption task force.

Lopez’s reputation for having a green thumb has made this television venture, which will also be executive produced by Ryan Seacrest, a straight to series order that will begin filming in 2015. This will also be Ryan Seacrest’s first venture into scripted television. He is known for producing reality shows such as Keeping up with the Kardashians. The partnership seemed imminent, given American Idol, and Seacrest’s equal ability to turn everything he touches green. Lopez and Seacrest share the same desire to succeed in different areas of entertainment. Seacrest is the host of E News Weekend, has a radio show, produces several television reality shows, and is also the host of American Idol.

Lopez is beginning to build a reputation as the Spanish Ryan Seacrest. She is a singer, dancer, actor, producer, designer, and judge for American Idol. The 44-year-old Latina began her career as a dancer on the Wayans’ brother’s sketch comedy show In Living Color. She catapulted to fame when she received the role of Selena Quintanilla, the famous Tejano artist who was murdered in 1995 at the age of 23 in Texas by the president of her fan club. Her casting created controversy when Selena fans uproared and demanded a recast due to the casting of a Nuyorican to portray a Tejano singer. Through the criticism Hollywood stayed by her side and they proved they made the correct decision when the film premiered. Lopez was praised for her portrayal; her movements, accent, and mannerisms where perfected to the point where film critic Roger Ebert called it a star making performance. Her success was proven once again in 2001 by being the first artist in history to simultaneously have a number one film, The Wedding Planner, and a number one album, J.Lo.

Lopez has been just as famous for her success in the entertainment industry as she has been for her personal life. She has been married 3 times, and has dated a slew of celebrities and non-celebrities, earning her the nickname of the Spanish Elizabeth Taylor.

She is also no stranger to portraying touch characters. In the film Enough she portrayed a cop, a US Marshall in Out of Sight, and a physically abused woman who learns how to defend her family in Enough. But it is her success in romantic comedies that has made her popular within the film industry.

Throughout time Hollywood stars have had a hard time making transitions into television, most actors decline roles in television in order to concentrate in film. Many see succumbing to television as a realization that they are no longer movie stars. With the addition of shows like House of Cards, The Crazy Ones, The Blacklist, and Downtown Abbey, it seems primetime is the new Hollywood. Whether it is for her star power, talent, or ambition Lopez is surely to make Shades of Blue a success.

Opinion By Dony Lugo


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  1. SusanM   February 22, 2014 at 10:10 pm

    She’s like an all in one machine. Does a million things ok but nothing spectacularly well.

  2. punboy007   February 22, 2014 at 9:30 pm

    I’m glad she returned to acting; this is where she shines.


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