Jesse Eisenberg to Play Lex Luthor

EisenbergWarner Bros. announced that the Oscar nominated star of Social Network, Jesse Eisenberg, has signed on to play the role of Lex Luthor in upcoming Zach Snyder’s Batman/Superman film. This news hit Twitter earlier January 31, and tweets flew with excitement and disgust towards the newly announced cast member. According to E online the reaction of fans have been on both sides of the fence, but one things for sure, their reactions have no doubt been the biggest reaction since the recently released information concerning Ben Affleck’s role as Batman.

E online states that most people thought that Eisenberg was too young or was simply just wrong for the part. While others expressed admiring the choice for Eisenberg to play the DC super villain character. Tweets flooded in Friday after the news was announced that expressing this array of emotions concerning the star chosen for the role. From dislike to approval with such comments as, “Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if they cast Justin Bieber as Robin.” from @jinsgolf85. While other tweets expressed, “Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor is a bold/brilliant choice. I know people don’t see it but he can pull it off. A young, smart Lex- I’m sold!” tweeted @LesleyLP.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the 30-year-old choice for the role was unexpected. There were rumors festering that Snyder was considering Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad. After Entertainment Weekly spoke with Cranston he assured that these were simply rumors and that he had not heard anything of it. When asked Snyder said, he had something else in mind with Lex Luthor’s character. He told Entertainment Weekly that often when people consider the role of Luthor they often times consider it to be the notorious rival of Superman. As Snyder stated, one of the great things about Luthor is he is one of the only human’s who can challenge Superman, and he does so through intellect, prominence, and wealth. Likewise, Luthor is a sophisticated and complicated character. By placing Eisenberg in that role it enables Snyder and company to explore this aspect of the known DC character, which he is hoping will in turn take this dynamic character is new directions.

Along with Eisenberg, Snyder also announced that Jeremy Iron’s has also signed on to play alongside Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Iron who also possesses Academy Award winning history, is said to be a compelling choice, but not as compelling as the previous Michael Caine who played Pennyworth in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy. According to Snyder, “It is an honor” to have Iron’s playing the role of Pennyworth who is an intricate character that embodies the role of father, mentor, trusted friend, guardian, and ally to Bruce Wayne.

As of now, this movie is entitled Batman/Superman, according to Entertainment Weekly. However, it is confirmed that this upcoming movie will be the sequel to the latest, Man of Steel, with Henry Cavill who will be returning to the screen as Superman. As for Lex Luthor’s role, fans are expecting the charismatic and confident character portrayal. Eisenberg in the past has been cast in previous roles that use social awkwardness and a sense of anxiety as a powerful character trait. For Eisenberg’s portrayal of Luthor, this could show people another side of Luthor. One that is powered by insecurity rather than arrogance, but this is yet to be seen. One thing that is certain, despite the varying reactions towards this casting, Eisenberg is indeed scheduled to play Lex Luthor in Sndyers upcoming sequel to Man of Steel.

By Sarah Widger

E Online
Entertainment Weekly

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