Jimmy Fallon Dazzled Fans During Premiere of ‘The Tonight Show’

FallonFrom now on thanks to Jimmy Fallon, 11:30 pm is going to look a little different.  After 22 years of hosting The Tonight Show, JayLeno decided to retire, ending a late-night talk show era.  With the announcement that Jimmy Fallon would be replacing Leno as the next host, viewers were left wondering if the Late Night star would be a success.  To prove his place as the newest host Jimmy Fallon pulled out all the stops during the season premiere, which aired Monday, Feb. 18. With his star-studded show, musical performances and comedic bits Jimmy Fallon Dazzled fans during season premiere of The Tonight Show.

With much buzz about Fallon’s switch to The Tonight Show and a heavy advertising campaign on the NBC network, Fallon’s show was highly anticipated by his fans.  The show was so anticipated that an impressive 11.3 million viewers – which was much more than the estimated 6.5 million viewers who watched Fallon’s original late-night talk show finale,  tuned in to watch the season premiere directly following coverage of the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games.  What they saw during the hour-long show was non-stop entertainment sprinkled with musical performances, celebrity cameos and comedic bits.

Many celebrities stopped by the Feb. 17 premiere to welcome Fallon to the show including Lady Gaga, Tina Fey, Mariah carey, Stephen Colbert, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Lindsey Lohan.  Each of the celebrity guests who made a cameo handed Jimmy Fallon money as payment for a bet which he won, predicting that he would be the next guest of The Tonight Show. Fallon’s main guest for the evening, Will Smith, added hilarity, interest and talent to the show by performing in a bit with Jimmy Fallon which captured the evolution of hip-hop dancing, both outfitted in retro t-shirts, denim overalls, and timberland shoes.

Jimmy Fallon dazzled fans during season premiere of The Tonight Show when Fallon and Smith showcased their hip-hop dance moves in a clip that has already gone viral across the internet. Suprise musical guest, iconic Irish rock band U2 also made an appearance on the show.  The band performed one of their new songs to an excited crowd at the top of the Rockefeller center at dusk, showcasing not only the music and New York City’s stunning sky line.

Already experiencing success and high viewership, The Tonight Show is on its way to attaining nighttime talk show success. Though it may take a while for fans of the show to get used to Jimmy Fallon instead of Jay Leno, the change will only lead to a fresher face and even more comedy. Those who tune in to the show can still expect high comedy and laugh-worthy bits with a slight face-lift. Viewers and fans of Jimmy Fallon’s previous 5 year-long running nighttime talk show Late Night With Jimmy Fallon will enjoy the comedian in his new set, with his on-set band The Rootsand of course a nightly barrel of laughs. While the rest of the season might not be quite as star-studded as the first episode in which Jimmy Fallon dazzled fans during season premiere of The Tonight Show, viewers have many laughs and much entertainment to look forward to.

By Allison Longstreet


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