Jimmy Fallon Does Hashtag Game Routine With Jonah Hill (Videos)

Jimmy Fallon Does Hashtag Game Routine With Jonah Hill (Videos)

On the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Wednesday, February 19, Fallon and Jonah Hill did a Hashtag Game Routine that was pretty hilarious, especially towards the end of it, when…but, hey, check it out for yourself, and see who the special guest was, and also the reaction of Fallon’s house band The Roots bandleader, Questlove, to a Hashtag Game gone slightly wild.

Jimmy Fallon is well-known for his parody music videos with The Roots going viral, like their rendition of “Blurred Lines” done using elementary school musical instruments. He’s also known for the hilarious “Hashtag” or “Hashtag Game” routines he’s done in the past, perhaps most notably with Justin Timberlake. I’ve included that one here as a BONUS.

In the latest Hashtag Game Routine that Jimmy Fallon did on Wednesday February 19 with comedian Jonah Hill, Fallon and Jonah traded off hashtags as they spoke, using the first two fingers of each hand, crossed over each other, to create the familiar hashtag symbol.

The pair tried to best each other in the routine, and the various references that they made to movies and pop culture were pretty clever and amazing, much like they were in Fallon’s Hashtag Game Routine with Justin Timberlake back in September of 2013. It has now reached close to 22 million views, and climbing.

Among their many references, Jimmy Fallon mentioned Harry Potter and did a dead-on impersonation of Professor Snape. Fallon and Hill also referred to The Wolf of Wall Street, which Jonah co-stars in with Leonardo DiCaprio; the TV comedy series, Friends; Chandler, from Friends; Snoop Dog; and Jimmy Fallon did a brief impersonation of Mike Myers saying “Yeah, baby!” from the Austin Powers movies. Jimmy Fallon Does Hashtag Game Routine With Jonah Hill (Videos)

Guests who were on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday included Bradley Cooper from American Hustle and the country musician Tim McGraw. Thursday’s guests will be First Lady Michelle Obama and the brilliant Will Ferrell.

Also included below is an uber funny song Fallon did last night, a barbershop quartet version of the song Ignition. It is AWESOME to behold — the quartet has the incongruous name The Ragtime Gals, though it’s made up of four guys, including Jimmy Fallon as the main singer. Check it out!

Jimmy Fallon Does Hashtag Game Routine With Jonah Hill (Videos)

Which of the two Hashtag Game Routines did you think was the funniest? Will the Fallon Hashtag Game Routine with Jonah Hill go viral, like the one Fallon did with Justin Timberlake did? How do you think that Jimmy Fallon is doing so far as the host of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon? Will he last as the host? Please leave your comments below! #Hashtag: WatchtheVideos! #Hashtag: JonahFallonViral? #Hashtag: CheckThemOut!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon Hashtag Routine with Jonah Hill

Jimmy Fallon With Justin Timberlake Doing Hashtag Game Routine

The Ragtime Gals sing Ignition

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