Julia Roberts’ Mother Battles Lung Cancer


After her half-sister reportedly committed suicide on February 9, news broke that Julia Roberts’ mother, Betty Lou is battling lung cancer. Although the actress first found out about her mother’s illness in November 2013 during a routine MRI scan, the fact that cancer could take away the second parent, after depriving her of her father when she was ten years old supposedly brought the actress on the verge of depression. The news became public days after the star’s half-sister passed away, and since then the actress has cancelled appearances and reportedly preferred to stay home and nurture her mother.

It appears that tragedy strikes again in the star’s family after it has been revealed that Julia Roberts’ mother battles lung cancer. Betty Lou has a history of medical issues like suffering a heart attack and having gone through angioplasty in 2009. The 80-year-old mother of the star was supposedly under treatment for a back complaint when she was diagnosed, reason why it is believed that the back surgery was responsible for the delay of the cancer treatment. According to an unnamed source, the Roberts family is worried because Betty Lou “has a history of smoking and emphysema.”

Julia, 46, who has been recently nominated for an Oscar for her performance in August: Osage County, reportedly moved her mother in her Malibu house, changed her phone number and the locks on her mansion.

During the Stand Up To Cancer event in 2012, Roberts admitted that having lost her father was hard not only when she was ten years old, but also now because he didn’t have the chance to meet his grandchildren.

“I don’t remember his illness, really, but I remember him so dearly and vividly,” the actress said.

Now, she must witness another parent battling cancer, news which came as a shock and threw Roberts in the arms of despair. Adding the fact that her half-sister passed away on February 9, it comes as no surprise that the star chose not to appear at the Academy Award Nominees’ Luncheon and Jimmy Kimmel’s show, both on February 10 and at the Paris premiere of August: Osage County on February 13.

More Tragedy for the Actress

After finding out that her mother was battling lung cancer, Julia Roberts had to deal with another loss: her half-sister, Nancy Motes, who reportedly committed suicide.

Sources say that Motes left a suicide note for both the actress and their mother, but her fiance John Dilbeck revealed that he may not see the letter, since it was handed over to Roberts and their mother.

However, the actress insists that her half-sister did not commit suicide and hopes that the overdose was accidental.

These days, the Oscar nominee for the best actress in a supporting role is involved in a video campaign launched by Oprah which aims at combating loneliness. Just Say Hello made its public debut on Tuesday and wishes to encourage people to reach out more to their loved ones. Along with Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Hanks and Taylor Swift have said “yes” to being part of Oprah’s initiative.

Roberts is currently facing a rough period not only because of her half-sister’s death, but also because of her mother’s battle with lung cancer.

By Gabriela Motroc

Daily Mail
Radar Online

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  1. asterix   February 20, 2014 at 4:37 am

    Money make people dirty and selfish and egocentric. Poor people have bigger harmony in family than rich people. In any case, Julia is selfish, she was asked by homeless for medical help and laptop to be able to work on internet (letter sent at her address in malibu, just beside b. streisand), she didn’t care. One year later, bad luck come to her family, god can see everything. She just profited from beautiful face and from some riches from Hollywood who gave her chance to succeed, without chance from other people, she would never became an actor.


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