Justin Bieber Falling Down the Rabbit Hole


Justin Bieber had the entire world in the palm of his hand. The Canadian pop sensation put out hit after hit and sold out stadiums in minutes. But as Justin Bieber falls further down the rabbit hole, it becomes quite clear what can happen when this much success and fame are thrown at someone so young. The soon-to-be twenty year old is proving that he simply cannot handle the power the world has given him.

Bieber’s first signs of trouble came back in July of 2013 when the singer decided to urinate in a mop bucket while exiting a nightclub kitchen. Laughed at and cheered on by his friends, most attributed the night to a teenager simply being an obnoxious drunk. Before the month was out, however, Bieber was caught spitting on fans from his Toronto apartment balcony. The pop singer’s security team has also been known to be very physical and aggressive.

Bieber ran into plenty of trouble on the Brazilian leg of his Believe tour. The pop star was wanted by the Rio de Janeiro police for defacing a wall with a graffiti tag, as he has been said to have done in countries around the world. Bieber then walked off stage after being hit by a tossed water bottle without saying a single word to the screaming crowd. The singer was also caught several times entering and exiting a famous Brazilian brothel. Before Bieber could depart the nation, one of the attendees at one of his many parties posted a video to Instagram of her leaving the singer’s bedroom while he remained fast asleep. The woman in the video is rumored to be a Brazilian prostitute.

The long fall down the rabbit hole for Justin Bieber continued when the singer attempted to announce his retirement from music on December 24, 2013. Beiber’s management team called the statement a joke less than twelve hours later. Bieber would later be suspected of egging homes in his California neighborhood at the beginning of 2014. A few days after the egging reports, police searched Bieber’s home in L.A and arrested his best friend, rapper Lil’ Za, for drug possession. Bieber’s tour buses and private planes have been raided previously but this was the first an arrest was made following any searches. 

Coming barely ten days after the arrest of Lil’ Za, Bieber was placed under arrest for driving while under the influence on January 23. Along with the DUI, Miami police charged Bieber with driving without a licence and resisting arrest when they pulled him over in his Lamborghini. A toxicology report found that Bieber had the anti-anxiety medication Xanax in his system. Six days later, Bieber surrendered to Toronto police for the assault of a limousine driver back in December of 2013. The altercation is rumored to have been over the volume of the radio inside the limousine as the driver obliged to turn it up but only to a certain point. When the driver refused to go any louder, the situation turned violent.

Recently, Americans filed a petition to have the Canadian pop star deported from their country and have his green card revoked. With over 100,000 signatures, the White House will be forced to respond to the petition. Justin Bieber has fallen so far down the rabbit hole of fame that he looks doomed to become a future warning to overnight success stories everywhere.

By Benjamin Murray


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  2. desiree jones   April 30, 2014 at 9:09 am

    so truee everybody should be able to live their own life

  3. marcella bento   April 27, 2014 at 8:09 pm

    He has fans unlike you which has no life expect to make fun of justin bieber


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