Justin Bieber Gives New Meaning to Mile High Club

Justin Bieber Gives New Meaning to Mile High Club

Just when it seemed like Justin Bieber could not get any deeper in the muck and mire of bad publicity, he goes and gives new meaning to the phrase “Mile High Club.” Apparently, when Bieber and his private jet were being detained on the tarmac at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, the 19 year-old singer was smoking a lot of weed. However, like any caring parent, Bieber’s dad made sure he wasn’t getting high alone, Jeremy Bieber was smoking the stuff as well.

The two had been smoking marijuana to such an extent that the pilot and co-pilot wore oxygen masks so they could fly the plane unimpaired. NBC News reported that on top of the two fly-boys having to don masks, they also repeatedly warned all the passengers, which included Bieber and his dad, to stop smoking the offending weed.

Almost unbelievably, when police boarded the plane as part of their search, there was no pot to be found. Not too surprising considering just how much the passengers were toking. Sources at NBC said that the authorities found plenty of empty bags but no pot. Also rather unsurprisingly, when questioned, none of the passengers admitted to owning the empty bags that, according to police, could have contained marijuana.

It was also reported that, in a case of “like father like son,” both Bieber’s were rude and verbally abused the female flight attendant. The stressed pilot had to request that his passengers stop harassing the woman and after repeated warnings that went unheeded by the abusive pair, the poor attendant wound up having to stay near the cockpit. Only after she took refuge near the pilot did the abuse stop.

It seems as though Justin Bieber, and his 39 year-old father wanted to give a whole new meaning to the Mile High Club. Although after learning of their horrid treatment of the female flight attendant, they may have requested that she join in and really break into the club.

Law enforcement officials detained the aircraft at Teterboro after receiving a tip that the plane was carrying not only the Canadian pop star; his entourage and his father, but, sources said that passengers also had weed on the plane. It could be that Bieber and company got their own “tip-off” which would explain their somewhat urgent need to smoke up all the evidence.

Bieber had been in Canada after turning himself in at a Toronto police station. Canadian law enforcement wanted to speak to Justin concerning allegations of assault against a limo driver back in December 2013. After turning himself in, the Believe singer, was charged with the offense and released on bail.

The teen pop star had fled up north of the border after being arrested for DUI, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license in Miami, Florida. Justin was found to have Xanax and weed in his system when he was arrested and taken to the station in the sunshine state.

The singer admitted to authorities that before the onboard plane search he had been drinking alcohol and smoking weed. Apart form Justin Bieber and his father giving new meaning to the Mile High Club, it seems odd that all this transpired at Teterboro Airport. Last year, troubled actress Amanda Bynes was put off another private plane for not having any ID. Bynes, who was going through some mental issues, reportedly told the pilot to “Google” her. It might be advisable to give Teterboro Airport a miss. Celebs take note.

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