Justin Bieber Hoax or 7 Year Old Boy Really Killed?


A number of viral Justin Bieber messages have been showing up on Facebook recently. Was there really a seven-year old boy who was killed by Bieber? Nope. It’s just a hoax. The scam reads “Breaking News: Justin Bieber did it Again!! This time it’s OVER…DUI.” It goes on to read that Bieber’s career is now over because he was allegedly drinking under the influence and hit a seven-year old boy with his car who just happened to be walking to school with his 12-year-old sister.

The messages first started to appear only a few weeks after the pop star was arrested with a DUI, and drag racing in Miami. Bieber had told the police at the time of his arrest that he had smoked marijuana, consumed beer, and taken anti-depressant pills.

None of what the scam message reads is true. The message is simply written with these false claims to trick people into sharing the post with their friends. The post looks to have a video, but it is merely a fake button placed over a picture. After one clicks on the fake video, a message pops up asking people to share it within a fake Facebook website that looks very deceiving, appearing like a trending video site. If on clicks on any of the links, a sketchy app will then begin downloading to the victim’s computer. Once inside, there are many other videos that users can potentially share.

According to the website Hoax-Slayer, there are many different versions of the same “Bieber killed…” scam. People seem to really love taking advantage of the 19-year-old boy’s mishaps. Some read that Bieber has been charged with DUI, others say that he’s been arrested on drug charges. Hoax-Slayer says that once one has already installed the app, they will need to go and uninstall it. People can remove this annoying app by “going to one’s Facebook account settings, finding the ‘App’ section and clicking the ‘X’ beside the app’s name,” they website says. What’s just as unsettling is that once people enter from the link source, a message saying the company World Trending v.1.31 will receive information about one’s public profile, email address and friend list.

Some people are wondering if the messages are real. Fans of the singer are outraged that stuff like this keeps happening and they’ve taken to twitter to voice their opinions on the matter. They believe that people must have nothing better to do with their time and that they are obviously sick.

Back in January, one may remember another bizarre hoax which lied about Bieber being caught masturbating in his jail cell. That particular message looked like a CNN news website, which was obviously now known to have been fake. It also displayed two of the Canadian pop singer’s original mug shots. The message is apparently still circulating all around Facebook, frustrating many. There are no reliable news sources that state that Bieber had really killed any child. This is all been a simple-minded ruse getting on the nerves of many users. Hoax-Slayer is advising strongly that people do not click on any of the links that appear saying Bieber killed a seven-year-old boy, or any other that seem suspicious.

By Katie Sevigny


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