Justin Bieber: How to Get Ready for a Comeback

BieberJustin Bieber has made many headlines in the past few weeks and will continue to do so with his court appearance on February 14, but experts believe that Bieber and his entourage are silently thinking about how to get ready for a comeback. Decisions that the teenage celebrity has made in the past year, including driving under the influence, have caused his image to slowly decline; however, there may be a chance that Bieber will come back bigger and stronger than ever.

In order to accomplish this, Bieber needs focus. Howard Bragman, vice-chairman of Reputation.com, explains “If he wants to grow and evolve as an artist, he must fully commit to his craft. If Bieber does not focus now, he will be playing state fairs in three years.” Image consultant Amanda Sanders agrees, “Bieber is a typical child star moving into adulthood, but the problem is no one is running the ship. His brand strategy is not of a great thought process. He needs to focus if he wants to come back.” Both marketing experts also find it inappropriate that Bieber has tried to promote his latest video in the midst of negative publicity and advise him to acknowledge the situation to gain respect.

Bieber is not the first teenage celebrity coping with public scandals. In 2007, Lindsay Lohan was arrested for the first time for driving under the influence of cocaine. What followed was a long list of scandals, arrests, jail time and rehab. Her younger years may not have been her best years, but in January 2014 Lohan announced she would be starring in a new thriller, which she will also co-produce. In addition, she is currently working on a reality series, to be broadcast on the OWN Network. According to celebrity experts, it is solitude that got Lohan ready for her comeback and solitude that might get Bieber ready for his comeback too.

For Britney Spears, her career started moving downwards in 2006, after divorcing her former husband Kevin Federline. In 2007, Spears spent time in rehab to recover from her alcohol addiction, after which she kept herself in the background for several years. Spears returned from her public meltdown in 2012 and started a two-year residency tour in Las Vegas in December 2013.

According to the marketing experts, Bieber still stands a chance if he is smart enough to follow the examples of his celebrity colleagues. Sanders states that any press, even bad press, is press and that a further crisis can be averted by stepping up to his fans and showing them that he will take responsibility for his actions. Bragman adds that not only is Bieber growing into adulthood., but his fans are growing older and will become tired of his behavior sooner or later as well. Miley Cyrus, according to Bragman, cannot be compared to Bieber in any way. “People may not agree with her videos and twerking, but Cyrus thinks out her strategy thoroughly and quite frankly, it is pretty brilliant.”

Finally, Bragman states that Bieber needs to surround himself with people who care about him, so that they can build a strategy together for moving forward and to get ready for a comeback when he can be bigger and better.

By Diana Herst

NY Daily News
Business Insider

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