Justin Bieber Offered Plea Deal for DUI Incident


Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber has reportedly been offered a plea deal for his case involving a DUI incident nearly a month ago in January. The troubled 19-year-old singer was pulled over in Miami Beach, FL, for drag racing under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and is now facing charges for driving under the influence and for resisting police officers.

Bieber was alleged to have been experimenting with a multiplicity of recreational drugs in the months prior to his arrest, including marijuana and “sizzurp,” also known as “purple drank,”  a combination of prescription-strength cough syrup (usually containing codeine and promethazine) mixed with Mountain Dew or Sprite and a Jolly Rancher. He was also reported to have been drinking and partying excessively.

According to multiple sources, the Florida State Attorney is willing to let go of both of Justin Bieber’s charges in the plea deal that is being offered for the DUI incident, on the condition that he agrees to do 40 hours of community service and that he submits to random drug testing, which means that he must provide his schedule for tours and travel to the court in Florida. In addition to these requirements, the pop star will also be required to attend an alcohol education course, along with a panel where he will hear stories from friends and families of people whose lives have been cut short as the result of drunk drivers. Additionally, Beiber, according to the terms of the plea deal, must plead no contest to the reckless driving charges and will also have an ignition interlock device installed in his vehicle for three months.

The singer has just released his first post-arrest song, entitled Broken, which many are seeing as very self-defensive, as Bieber sings about not being able to be broken or have his things taken away from him. The song may well be in response to a host of issues that Bieber has faced apart from the DUI incident, including a White House petition that went around after his arrest requesting that, in response to his run-ins with the law, the young singer be deported from the United States and sent back to his country of origin, Canada. The petition received a large amount of press, with people in support arguing that the pop superstar was a poor influence on American youth and that his sense of entitlement was setting a bad example for the young children and teens who idolize him.

On top of everything else, the singer is also reportedly fighting a police video which allegedly shows him stumbling around and urinating inside of a jail cell after his DUI arrest, and apparently shows his private areas. Another video released by Miami Police shows Justin Bieber getting a pat-down at the police station, and Bieber’s lawyers are attempting to block these videos from being shown by the court, as they could easily be damaging to Bieber’s case and career, despite the fact that he has received the plea deal for his DUI incident.

By Laura Clark


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