Justin Bieber Sobriety Test Video Released!


A ten-hour long video made at the Miami Beach Police department has just been released by the Miami-Dade County prosecutors showing Justin Bieber’s late January arrest for DUI. Most of the video does not show the pop star in sight, however TMZ has uploaded a small part in which Bieber is shown taking a sobriety test. Bieber appears to be stumbling while walking heel to toe, using his arms to keep his balance. He supposedly had failed the test.

The video released shows Bieber slumping around in a black hoodie, black baggy shorts and orange trainers attempting to walk in a straight line while his friend sits in a chair nearby.

Bieber had been allegedly drag racing in a rented Lamborghini when police made their arrest. He was charged with a DUI, resisting arrest and driving with a license that was expired. Police found Bieber’s blood-alcohol level to be low, below the .02 legal limit in fact. The pop star admitted that he had been smoking marijuana and using the prescription medication Xanax the morning of his arrest.

The official police report allegedly described Bieber to be very talkative, excited, cooperative, cocky and insulting, speaking using profanities etc…They found him to have bloodshot eyes, and they could smell the marijuana on his clothes and the alcohol on his breath, hence the sobriety test. His face also appeared flushed. This video footage could be an essential piece of evidence if Bieber’s case ever goes to trial. The now 20-year-old has pleaded not guilty to all counts. Bieber’s lawyers have been fighting to keep this video from being released. Apparently, police had filmed every step that Bieber took around the jailhouse, even videotaping him while he urinated in his jail cell.

Apparently, attorneys from CBS4, the Miami Herald and CNN argued in court to allow the display of these videos in their entirety for they are now public record since being used as part of the discovery process in Bieber’s case. DVD’s have now been made of the ten-hour long video footage, however thanks to Bieber’s defense team, no one will have to see the pop star urinating into a cup for drug testing.

A trial date had been scheduled for March 3rd, but it was canceled, now set to be rescheduled at a later hearing.

So many Bieber stories are surfacing as of late. One of which involved Bieber and his entourage travelling on a leased jet. Apparently the plane was filing up with marijuana smoke and the flight staff were forced to wear oxygen masks. Bieber and his friends were also being verbally abusive towards a female flight attendant on board who ended up hiding in the cockpit to escape from their harassment.

Bieber had also been in a fight with his limo driver recently, reported TMZ. The teen heart-throb apparently smacked the driver upside the head when the driver swatted Bieber’s hand away from the volume controls in the front of the vehicle. This occurred after Bieber had tried to get him to raise the volume to a level he liked. The pop star later turned himself in to Toronto authorities. Bieber’s mother recently told Access Hollywood Live she needs to let go and let the teen make his own decisions saying ”He’s growing up. He’s 19. He’s not my baby.” Fans of Bieber will have to wait and see to what effect the released video of the sobriety test will have on the outcome of Beiber’s case. Watch below.

By Katie Sevigny


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