Justin Bieber Wobbles But Does Not Fall Down (Video)

Justin Bieber Wobbles But Does Not Fall Down (Video)

Justin Bieber Wobbles But Does Not Fall Down (Video)

The latest Justin Bieber video to hit YouTube and the Internet shows the teen heart throb doing what appears to be a Weeble impression; but while the singer wobbles, he does not fall down. The police CCTV footage shows the 19 year-old performer attempting to do a sobriety test in a Miami police station. Bieber had been pulled over by law enforcement officials on January 23 on suspicion of drag racing.

Once the Believe singer was stopped officers reported that on top of Bieber’s profanity filled diatribe against the arresting officers, which resulted in a charge of resisting arrest, the Canadian pop star smelt of alcohol and that he was driving on an expired license. Despite police having to do a blood alcohol test on the singer four times, he was charged with driving under the influence (DUI) and the drag racing charge was dropped.

While Bieber had been found to be well under the limit in terms of intoxication, even below allowed limits for a minor, the singer was found to have marijuana and Xanax in his system as well. In the police video, which is just one of several released by the Miami-Dade County prosecuting office. In the footage Justin can be seen wobbling but he doesn’t fall down, although, he does appear to be unbalanced and unsteady while attempting the sobriety test. The pop star is wearing a black “hoodie,” shorts and vivid orange sneakers. There is no sound during the two minute and 30 second video while Bieber mimicks a Weeble.

As the Baby singer walks back and forth repeatedly, and moving out of sight of the stationary camera several times, another individual is seen sitting on a chair. This second boy looks as though he could be Khalil Sharieff, the 19 year-old singer who was driving the other vehicle that police claimed was drag racing with Bieber’s car. If it is Sharieff, he is wearing his own hoodie and vivid orange sneakers, but, he appears to be wearing trousers instead of shorts.

Despite the fact that Bieber later does over 23 push-ups in the same video footage, his unsteady movements while attempting to walk in a straight line, backs up law enforcement official’s claims that the teen singer had difficulty doing the sobriety test. Miami-Dade prosecutors released several videos bar five which Bieber’s lawyers requested be withheld because they were sensitive. The five bits of CCTV footage have been held back pending a review by Florida Judicial Circuit Court Judge William Altfield on March 4. After his review the judge will make public his decision at a hearing the same day.

Previous videos that were released by prosecutors showed Bieber being booked in the South Florida police station where he removed his shoes and socks and was patted down by an official in the station. Justin has pled not guilty to all the charges, even the DUI despite his wobbling performance. Granted the singer did not fall down, but, his lack of control is obvious in the video. Just like a Weeble, Bieber doesn’t fall down. Watch the video below to see Justin’s wobbly toy impression.

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