Kanye Is ‘Drunk in Love’ with Kim Kardashian [Explicit Lyrics Video]

Kanye West remixed Beyonce's Drunk in Love song in honor of his bride-to-be KimKanye West is drunk in love with his fiancé Kim Kardashian. Kanye recently released his remix to Beyoncé’s popular Drunk in Love song featuring her husband Jay-Z. Kanye’s remix features new lyrics accompanied by a remastered beat and drum track. If fans thought the original lyrics were sexually charged wait until they hear Kanye’s version which is a tad dirtier than the former and a tribute to the love of his life.

The mega producer added his own verse to the beginning of remixed song which gives the fans an additional minute of music. Kanye is really rapping about his love for Kim and their love-making escapades. The rapper alludes to the fact that he really fell hard for his fiancé after having oral sex. Kanye says in reference to Kim that he impregnated her mouth and that is when he knew she could be his spouse.

Last October, on Kim’s 33rd birthday, she became the rappers fiancé. Kanye proposed to Kim at San Francisco’s AT&T Park and plans to wed her during the summer in Paris. The couple spent Valentine’s Day in Charm City in preparation for West’s performance at the Baltimore Arena Friday night.

Friday morning Kim told her twitter followers “Nothing is better than being with her love on Valentine’s Day.” She also posted a V-Day “selfie” on her Instagram account which showed the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star surrounded by 1,000 roses, compliments of Mr. West.

Kim later posted a copy of Kanye’s concert poster and added, “My date with Yeezus tonight.” According to reports the rapper announced to his fans that his fiancé was in attendance for the show and the crowd went crazy. It seems they loved seeing Kim almost as much as her husband-to-be.

The couple loves their new roles as parents. They are already talking about plans for the future where parenthood is concerned. After their wedding the couple is hoping Kim will become pregnant with a little brother for North West. They want her to have a sibling who is close in age. like two years but no more than three years younger.

Kim is not interested having a family the size of the Kardashian clan. She says for her and Kanye two or three children at the most will suffice. Right now the couple has their hearts set on a son.

Recently Kanye was accused of cheating on Kim with model Gabriella Amore, supposedly in Miami at The Dream Hotel. Kanye was furious when the accusation surfaced and wanted to make sure everyone knew that it was absolutely false and totally ridiculous. During the time the alleged affair took place Kanye was said to be away on vacation with his family, which was nowhere near Miami.

His fans were not surprised to find that there was no truth to the accusation because they believe Kanye has really settled down and become a true family man. Kanye loves the two girls in his world and cannot image life without Kim and Nori. The rapper wants the world to know that he is drunk in love with Kim and is elated to make her his wife.

Kanye recently remixed Beyoncé’s hit song Drunk In Love and added lyrics in honor of his bride-to-be Kim Kardashian. In the remix Kanye points out exactly when he knew Kim was the woman he wanted to share his life with.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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  1. simplyjola   February 17, 2014 at 12:26 pm

    Everybody knows Kanye west that you in love with kim… But damn make your own song that’s how I feel.. That song is only original only for Beyounce and jayZ.. But I think its funny that kim cant sing on that track cause Beyounce is not having that…

  2. Kate White   February 15, 2014 at 11:11 pm

    great…keep her from making another lousy porn….ooh, ooh, ah, ah…hello, can I order a deep dish with sausage….oooh, ooh…yes, Ray J…ah, ah….umm, this pizza taste good…


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