Kendall Jenner Nipples on Display

Kendall Jenner Nipples on Display

Kendall Jenner Nipples on Display

Kendall Jenner took a page from Miley Cyrus’ book on transparent apparel as the 18 year-old model put her nipples on display while walking down the runway during the Marc Jacobs Fashion Show. The reality television star strutted her stuff on Thursday, February 13 in her daring debut for Miley Cyrus’ favorite designer as part of Mercedes Benz Fashion week in New York City, New York.

Jenner’s Marc Jacobs Fall Collection look was designed to make Kendall look like someone else in a see through top, sans bra, with her nipples shining through. The transparent top accented the novice model’s skin coloring and her hair was a blunt chin length crop perched above bleached eyebrows. Her entire ensemble consisted of the sheer nipple revealing top, two toned brown trousers, hose that pretty much matched that very sheer top while zooming down the runway in ankle length brown zippered boots.

Using the word zoom to describe the younger half-sister of Khloe Kardashian’s movement down the runway is pretty apt. Watching an Instagram video of Kendall’s Marc Jacobs entrance the girl is fast, blink and Jenner might have been missed by all but the camera. Moving at a speed that is usually associated with fire engines or paramedics rushing to a scene of emergency, Kendall still manages to look good, professional and, despite the Dutch-girl bob, stunning.

Khloe, who obviously has more time for her half-sibling now that Lamar Odom is on the way out, waxed lyrical about Kendall’s debut in the Marc Jacobs 2014 Fall Fashion Show. Posting a photo of sis on Twitter she added a caption saying her “baby sister killed it” and offered her “congrats.” She followed that up by saying that Kendall was “too dope” and that “Yall” would trade places with her little half sister.

One Twitter user tweeted that she did not recognise Jenner at the Marc Jacobs show. Looking at the Speedy Gonzalez type runway action of Kendall, it is not surprising that audience members might not have recognised her. What with all that make up, the odd hair-do and those nipples on display; combined with that lightening fast sash shay down the runway, it is surprising that her own family was able to point her out.

Even big half-sister Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to exclaim how proud she was of @kendalljenner for living her dream. Baby North’s mother also posted an Instagram snap on her Twitter feed and she must have been moving quickly to get that picture of Kendall and her nipples heading straight for the camera at what appears to be breakneck speed.

There has been some whispering that Kylie Jenner’s older sister may have been “forced” to show her nips off. It could be the case, but, considering that Marc Jacobs is practically besotted, or at least fascinated by, Miley Cyrus; who loves showing off parts of her anatomy it is not rocket science to imagine that Jacobs was thinking of Miley when he designed the sheer see-through top. Although, if Cyrus was modelling it, chances are the bottom would be transparent too.

Still, Kendall Jenner did look stunning and professional as she rocket-strutted her way down the runway with her nipples on display. Perhaps next time she models for Marc Jacobs he will let this beautiful girl look more like herself and less like a Dutch milkmaid on speed with bleached eyebrows and no bra. Credit given to where it is due, however, there cannot be that many striking young women who can pull that particular look off, with or without bra.

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