Kevin Jonas Announces Birth of Baby Girl

Kevin JonasKevin Jonas has announced the birth of his baby girl. The newborn is the first girl in a long line of Jonas boys, and was born on Super Bowl Sunday.

Fans have known the former Disney star and his wife Danielle were expecting a baby girl. They couldn’t help but share the ultrasound picture, as soon as they knew the sex. However, they decided that the name of their bundle of joy would be kept a surprise until the day of the birth. Jonas was excited to finally share the new name – Alena Rose – which he describes as “a good one.”

The announcement of the sex of their baby came on Aug. 29, 2013, and fans felt happy that they were included in the life-changing moment. The Jonas Brothers musician used the official iTune app of the band to share the news, painting a pink headband over the head on the ultrasound image. He then kept fans updated along the way, as he shared that his wife had gone in to labor. He also retweeted a few posts from others who were excited about the news.

The official announcement of the birth of the baby girl didn’t quite come from Jonas, though. It came from Dreft laundry detergent. The Married to Jonas star did update his fans to say that Dreft would be keeping them updated and retweeted the picture of his wife holding his daughter, as soon as it was shared.

The pair celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary, shortly before Christmas, and couldn’t help but mention that it would be their last. However, that is not something that they regret. In a previous interview with People, the stars did say that whenever a baby comes along it will be perfect for them.

They had previously stated they were waiting for such a time that the two could be there for their baby. When they first married, Jonas was still on tour with The Jonas Brothers, and had new albums being released. They were still constantly touring at the time that the pregnancy was announced. The band split in November 2013, stating that they needed to do that before ruining their relationship as brothers. Could the baby have been part of the 26-year-old’s decision to leave the three-piece band?

The marriage of Mr. And Mrs. Jonas never struggled, despite the 26-year-old constantly being on tour. They explained, last year, that they would constantly write letters to each other, which is something the lovers do as a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Mrs. Jonas also explained how much of a romantic her husband is by telling stories of when he mailed a big box of stuffed animals, along with video footage of him behind the scenes of his tour and letters that he had written for Valentine’s Day. She saw it as a personal part of him that he wanted to share with her.

The two will now have plenty of time to spend with their newborn daughter. The run-up to the birth has been filmed in their show Married to Jonas, but it will be interesting to see how the announcement of the birth of the baby girl will be added in.

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