Bruno Mars Saved Super Bowl XLVIII

Bruno MarsBruno Mars saved Super Bowl XLVIII. If it wasn’t for his high energy performance, and great mix with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Super Bowl Sunday would have been a waste of time; even for Seattle Seahawks fans.

With so much hype and buildup to the game, many tuned in with eager anticipation to see the clash of the titans. The Denver Broncos have had the best offense the whole season. They should have owned the pitch and given the Seahawks something to work for. Instead, it was a one-sided, mind-numbing game. Some of the Broncos fans couldn’t wait to see the Seahawks turn the ball over, just so there was actually some football being played.

Unlike games in recent years, there was no tension or drama throughout. The Broncos may as well have forfeited the trophy; it was that bad. It all started with Manning missing the first play of the game and the Seahawks gaining the quickest points any Super Bowl has ever seen.

If it wasn’t for the promise of a highly technical and exciting halftime show, it is possible many more would have tuned out before they did. However, the knowledge that Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers would be performing, and the fact that the soul singer had given so little away in his pre-Super Bowl press conference, meant that people wanted to see just what the two had in store.

It definitely wasn’t a disappointment. In fact, Mars saved Super Bowl XLVIII from being the biggest disaster ever.

Mars took to the stage with a set of drums, before being joined by his jazz band and jumped straight into Locked Out of Heaven. Instead of focusing on the gimmicks and the tech explosions, like previous acts have done, this superstar made it all about him and his music. He showed off his singing, his dancing and his energy while on stage. It felt like watching a performance at the VMAs. Nobody would have known that it was one of the biggest crowds he has ever played in front of.

By the time the Red Hot Chili Peppers appeared on stage, he had successfully gotten the whole crowd on their feet. Both Anthony Kiedis and Flea took the stage without shirts, when Renee Fleming and Queen Latifah had already been out there wrapped up in scarves and winter coats.

Mars ended the highly energetic performance with the song that launched his career – Just the Way You Are. He was the only person on the stage, with just a piano playing behind him, making it clear for those who hadn’t realized, by that point, that it really is just about the music. There wasn’t a note wrong in the performance, showing that he didn’t feel the pressure of performing at the halftime show.

That 12-minute performance was the difference between a Super Bowl that nobody watched to one that people turned off by the fourth quarter. Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers saved Super Bowl XLVIII from total disaster.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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