Bruno Mars Sets Super Bowl on Fire [Video]


Bruno Mars has made it to the crème de la crème of pop stars after setting the Super Bowl on fire along with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. As Rolling Stone summarizes the event’s halftime, the most foreseeable music divides into either classic rock legends, pop icons or trending stars, but Mars’ music is a blend between vintage soul, contemporary R&B and eighties rock, which could satisfy millions of people’s tastes.

Bruno Mars’ shiny Motown-style suit was not the only reason why the artist set the Super Bowl on fire. Although the halftime debuted with a row of children “emblazoned with the word ‘prepare,'” Mars injected the millions of viewers with a drum explosion, a solo which combined “funk groove, military rolls, gorilla-heavy snare-cymbal hammering.” The artist’s performance was opened with Locked Out of Heaven and hypnotized the crowd with an “explosive dance workout.” The Red Hot Chili Peppers entered the scene shirtless and offered an interlude that pumped life into the tune while singing Give It Away. The cherry on top was represented by Mars’ last interpretation of Just the Way You Are, an ending marked by fireworks.

Irrespective of how the Super Bowl’s audience saw Mars’ performance, the artist may have found “the secret to a good song,” disclosed by the singer prior to the national event. According to Mars, in order to grab someone’s attention, the first three seconds are essential. The feeling of waking up is followed by “something that I haven’t felt before” and ended with a metaphoric punch in the face which leaves listeners numb.

Although Bruno Mars set the Super Bowl on fire with his interpretation, the 12-minute performance was not paid in cash, but in exposure. However, Super Bowl executives paid the artist the accompanying expenses like travel, lodging, fees for backup dancers and musicians, setup, pyrotechnics, etc. Forbes reports that Mars’ biggest reward comes in the form of boosted sales for merchandise, concert tickets and albums.

Choosing Bruno Mars to sing during Super Bowl’s halftime is best explained by Marc Ganis, president of the consultancy Sportscorp, Ltd., who stated that “there aren’t that many acts like that.”

“You don’t want to recycle,” Ganis said with regard to choosing the right artist for the NFL and mentioned that “Bruno Mars is a pretty good selection.”

As far as Bruno Mars is concerned, setting the Super Bowl on fire and having the chance to sing for probably the most important sports event in the United States is “definitely something on a bucket list.” While making his dream come true, Mars also paid a tribute to his mother who passed away in June 2013 from a brain aneurysm. The personal touch that Mars gave to his drum performance was offered not by the intro, but by the unique drum kit which featured his mother’s name that appeared to surround a heart. Bernadette, Mars’ late mother was symbolically offered a spot on the stage and in the artist’s heart.

After setting the Super Bowl on fire, Bruno Mars became marketers’ favorite artist; and Jarrod Moses, a branding expert, notes that the singer could collect between $2 million to $4 million in endorsement fees. Mars is also a guest DJ for Apple’s iRadio and his music appears in ads for Pepsi and Hyundai.

By Gabriela Motroc


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