Kickstarter Passwords and Usernames Hacked


Kickstarter CEO, Yancey Strickler, announced on Saturday that encrypted passwords and usernames were hacked by a source that was not mentioned. Along with users names and their encrypted passwords, hackers  reportedly stole users e-mail addresses, phone numbers and home addresses. Fortunately, there was no breach of users credit card information by the hackers. Users are urged to immediately change their password.

As a website that lets users fund others projects with donations made online, Kickstarter has become a quite popular and recognized crowd-funding company. News of the internal hacking of users personal information was actually known by the company for four days. The website chose to wait this long because they wanted to investigate the situation in a detailed and accurate manner. On Wednesday, authorities informed the crowd-funding company their website was hacked. In response, Kickstarter increased its security and closed the breach.

With the news of Kickstarter being hacked that has resulted in the theft of encrypted passwords and usernames, it has become the top concern for the company to deal with the many problems the breaching of information has brought. Strickler publicly apologized to the users of the site by stating the website was genuinely “sorry that this happened.” The CEO sent an email to users to explain the situation of information being hacked and what users could do because of the breach. Since the passwords are encrypted, Strickler mentioned his statement that “actual passwords were not revealed.” However, “a malicious person with enough computing power to guess and crack an encrypted password” is possible, especially with users who have weak passwords.

The Kickstarter CEO also ensured users that no credit card data was stolen by the hackers. Users who use the same password that they use for their Kickstarter and other personal accounts are urged to immediately change the password for the accounts that are threatened. Strickler also assured users that there would be “no evidence of unauthorized activity of any kind on your account.” Saturday’s data breach only led hackers to receive personal information from Kickstarter’s users.

Despite the hacking of users information, Kickstarter has helped many people make their dreams come true through the crowd-funding web site. Many different kinds of projects have been aided through the website, which has helped fund people in areas such as technology, entertainment, literature, music, fashion and food. Some of the largest projects ever funded include over $8.5 million for the OUYA gaming console, over $1 million for the comic The Order of the Stick, almost $3 million dollars for The Form 1 3D Printer, and over $10 million for the Pebble E-Paper Smartwatch.

Kickstarter is one of the leading sites for crowd-funding projects and dreams online, but the website faced a major dilemma this week after it was hacked, resulting in its users passwords and usernames being stolen. The website is fortunate that users credit card information were not taken because that could have been a catastrophic blow to the company. Websites being hacked has been a common trend as of late, with the Bitcoin community being hacked on Thursday.

By Glen Parris

Business Insider