Kim Kardashian Bails Early and Pissed After $500K Vienna Ball Date Flops

KimKim Kardashian is royally pissed, after a $500K Vienna Ball date flops and the 33-year old reality star bails out early. Reality got real for Kardashian who attended the Vienna Opera Ball as the guest of 81-year old billionaire Richard Lugner. Each year, he takes a celebrity as his date and pays handsomely for her time.

With Kim things did not go as planned. A gentleman approached her for a dance and when he was turned down, he got nasty. Spurring racial epithets that the new mother and fiance of rapper Kanye West, is fast growing tired of.

TMZ reports, that Kim was harassed throughout the gala affair by a man dressed in black face. He wanted to dance she was not interested. The black face was his way of pretending to be West. Reportedly he told Kardashian that he would dance with her if the song, “Ni**** in Vienna” TMZ believes it was an insult and play on words off of Jay-Z’s, Ni**as in Paris.

Kardashian was outraged enough over the hurtfully shocking display that she grabbed her mother Kris Jenner and left. Radar online reports that Lunger is upset over her leaving an hour and a half ahead of the time the date was to conclude. Yes, Kim Kardashian did what any self respecting woman would do in her shoes, she got pissed and forgot about the $500,000 due her for the Vienna Ball date and bails early after the evening flops, in an epic fail.

So much is wrong with this picture that it is hard to pick just one. First, Kim is engaged, second, she is a mother of a little girl who is bi-racial, third money is not everything.

Kardashian, has a man, and going on a date with a rich, elderly gentleman (or any man) finds nothing wrong his date being harassed, is an issue. Unless Kim and Kanye are into doing a remake of Indecent Proposal there was no need for the evening to take place, unless Kanye was escorting his partner.

North West needs parents that understand that even though we live in post-racial America,, that ignorance still exists in the world. Not everyone is happy to see a wealthy couple, and specifically not one that an interracial one. North West is going to grow up hearing and seeing all types of stories about her parents, some will be true and others just painfully hurtful. The parents need to take notes, discuss, seek counseling on how they are going to handle things. The money will not shield them from hurtful words of bigots.

Money is not something the high profile couple has to worry about in the states nor in Vienna. Somethings are just not worth it. Questionable, is why Kardashian agreed to the date, hopefully it was not only for the money. Sometimes, Ms. Kim it is okay to sit things out.

The couple has been hit with a few people who have a problem with interracial relationships. There will be more. Kardashian reported early this week that she wants more kids. Word to the wise, toughen up this is the real world. Kim Kardashian is right to be pissed after $500,000 Vienna Ball date flops and bails, early and pissed.

By C. Imani Williams


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