Kanye West Yeezus Movie Starring Kim Kardashian?

Kanye West Yeezus Movie Starring Kim Kardashian?

Kanye West Yeezus Movie Starring Kim Kardashian?

Kanye West has uploaded a trailer for the planned Yeezus movie on his website and rumor has it that his soon-to-be wife, Kim Kardashian, will be starring in it. This new film will be penned by Bret Easton Ellis. If the name sounds familiar it is because he wrote the novel American Psycho, which the cult film was based on. Unfortunately Ellis also wrote the abysmal Lindsay Lohan/James Deen flop The Canyons. The, just released, trailer for this new Yeezus film is at the end of this article for your viewing pleasure.

This adaptation of West’s Yeezus album, which is also the story of the 36 year-old singer/songwriter’s life, will have to include Kim as she plays such an instrumental part in the rapper’s day-to-day existence. Of course she is also the mother of his child North so there is a good chance that Kardashian will play herself in the film. Apparently, the feature is to be directed by Hype Williams who has collaborated with West and directed several of his music videos.

The trailer looks like a mixture of West’s live performances with all sorts of special effects such as smoke and lasers interrupted with dancers and shots of horses a la Bound 2. Speaking of West’s music video, which he made with Kim, it is devoutly hoped that the Yeezus movie, which will star Kardashian and not Kanye, will leave out the template of that odd, self-gratifying and boring video. Esoteric to the extreme with a song that irritated, Bound 2 is hopefully not going to rear its ugly head in this upcoming film, although the appearance of those horses in the trailer is worrying.

There has been no projected release date for this proposed film which is not too surprising as it does not appear on IMDb as upcoming; in pre-production or even rumored. Seemingly, Ellis must still adapt the album and entering both Ellis’ and Williams’ name into the internet film site will not bring up the proposed film either. Rather interestingly, The Canyons writer revealed that initially he did not want to work on the project. Ellis then revealed that after listening to West’s album he changed his mind. According to the writer/director and producer he decided that whether he was the right man or not, he was determined to work with the artist who made the album.

Williams appears to be a “done deal” as he is one of West’s most treasured collaborators and he has filmed over a dozen music videos for Kanye. Radar OnLine revealed that this movie, based on the album, is going to be a narrative of West’s life and that the rapper will not be in the film. Kim, however, will have what is being called a “pivotal” part in the movie and her role has been described as being quite dramatic. Kanye has shot two short films; Runaway in 2010 and Cruel Summer in 2012. The latter film actually premiered at Cannes. The multi-talented performer also worked on a possible comedy series for HBO which never got past the pilot stage.

Kanye West announced that a movie based on his Yeezus album is going to be made and will star his special lady Kim Kardashian and he has posted a trailer on his website. Apart from the information as to who will be filming and writing the movie, and Kim’s involvement, there has been no word as to who will play West. Kanye has already stated that he will not be in the film. Since there seems to be no script just yet, Ellis actually began working with West on another project before being asked to do the Yeezus film, there may be no real rush to find an actor to fill Kanye’s shoes. Presumably West will announce the film’s progress as he works to make his “autobiographical” movie. The trailer can be seen below.

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