Kim Kardashian Does Want More Children but Maximum Three

Kim KardashianKanye West may get his own way because Kim Kardashian does want more children, but only a maximum of three. She says that the difficult pregnancy has put her off having children again, but she doesn’t want North West growing up as an only child.

In an interview on KIIS-FM, she told Ryan Seacrest that she would never have as many as her mother, Kris Jenner. The reality TV star shared the delivery room conversation when she told Jenner that she would buy her a medal. However, having the siblings has helped Kardashian realize just how important they are and wants her daughter to have that same experience growing up.

Contrary to her own beliefs, the 33-year-old explained that she loves being a mom. She shared her fears—fears that most first-time moms have. Despite always wanting children, the fears started as soon as she found out she was pregnant. Of course, having fiancé West around has definitely helped matters.

The pair met 12 years ago and have been friends for around nine years, despite only getting together two years ago. West is a loving father, who constantly wants to see photos and videos of his little girl while he’s away on tour. The only thing he does not do is diaper changing, but Kardashian enjoys the time that she gets to spend with her daughter during that time.

The reality show star also explained how she believes her daughter is “the cutest thing ever.” All parents say that but the 33-year-old could not help but gush over how much North laughs over anything; and things that are not that funny. It has helped Kardashian realize that she does want more children, as long as it’s just the maximum three pregnancies she goes through.

The star does admit that she has contemplated her daughter being an only child. The only thing that turns her against that thought is the fun that she had while growing up with siblings. She does not want her daughter to feel lonely, and fears being an only child will lead to that.

Kardashian has also had requests from her nephew about more children. Four year old Mason, sister Kourtney’s son, asked for the star to have a boy. Mason needs a friend to play with, and request that it is a male friend in the family.

Right now, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and her rapper fiance have more important things to think about. Their wedding in Paris is at the top of their list, but children seem to be one of the main things that West wants in his pre-nuptial agreement. Guardian Liberty Voice previously reported that the rapper was so desperate for more children that he will pay his future wife to go through pregnancy again.

It seems that he will be getting his way, because his wife-to-be wants daughter North to have younger siblings. Despite the memory of a difficult pregnancy, Kardashian wants more children, but a maximum of three in total needs to be enough for West.

Editorial by Alexandria Ingham


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