Kyrie Irving Winning NBA All Star MVP Caps Weekend Festivities [Video]


Now that the NBA All Star Festivities are over, teams and their all-stars will turn their focus to the playoffs; but why not remember the weekend that broke numerous records, provided new formats with new dunks, and a variety of events to be seen. Outstanding musical performances were on display by Kendrick Lamar on Saturday and the Pharrel Williams show that took over before the game and at halftime was just completely amazing. The new dunking format provided an interesting freestyle portion which was very different from what the casual NBA fan is used to seeing, but it was incredibly entertaining, nonetheless.

The All Star game itself was filled with entertaining moments leading up to the fourth quarter. Players like Lebron James, Chris Paul, and Blake Griffin just throwing up lobs and jams at a consistent rate. Windmill dunks and crossing over ball skills were the main course on the menu as the NBA all-stars came to swoop up the show. The game itself broke the total points record to ever be had in a all-star game. Carmelo Anthony broke the record for most three pointers made in the all-star game; Blake Griffin broke the record for the most field goals made, but all in all Kyrie Irving pulled out as the all-star game Most Valuable Player, as he led the NBA East to victory, 163-155.

Other events on display for the weekend festivities were the dunk contest, the three-point contest, the skills challenge, the shooting stars competition and the all celebrity game. The dunk contest itself is one of the more entertaining events of the entire weekend with John Wall’s eastern conference team taking the victory. NBA all-star MVP Kyrie Irving, actually won the slam dunk contest last year. Back to back years the Cleveland Cavaliers young star has brought trophies home from the all-star weekend back to Cleveland. Former three-point contest winner, Kevin Love, did not have the kind of success as he did the preceding year in the event. Allowing unknown sharp shooter from San Antonio, Marco Belinelli, to beat out Bradley Beal for the victory. Comedian Kevin Hart even won his third celebrity game MVP before he decided to give it to a more deserving Arne Duncan, who is the U.S. Education Secretary.

The NBA all star festivities were a huge hit among the fans and succeeded fellow years by far and many others expectations for the live event. The only clear disturbance that the fans have seemed to gripe about were the sleeved jerseys. The NBA has been trying to push these jerseys the whole season but they are just not a popular look with the fans. The bright-colored jerseys were sweet looking though, as if they were trying to somewhat mimic the look of the Oregon Ducks. The main event itself stole the whole weekend though, Blake Griffin and Lebron James turning the spectacle into their own dunk contest. Anthony and other draining threes from the line like it was practice, and guards like Kyrie Irving and Chris Paul tossing out dimes like it was going out of style. The whole weekend itself was a huge success for the NBA, and provides a real good look into the future as their current GM David Stern, walks off into the sunset knowing he put together a product worth all the notoriety it deserves.

by Justin Huffman


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