Las Vegas Sands a House of Ghosts?

Las Vegas Sands a House of Ghosts?

Las Vegas Sands may be a house of ghosts, whispering trickery and sightings from the past, as it struggles to regroup within its latest website compromise. Hackers were quick to squeeze into the domain of the Sands Corporation, causing dishevel and malice upon the computer world, but with intentions that were quickly dealt with and dismantled. It should be no surprise that the Sands Corporation would experience woes, given the history of ghosts from the past.

Las Vegas Sands is not the hotel of old, it is the new company that oversees and manages properties in Las Vegas, Pennsylvania and around the world. The stars of yore are all dead and gone, but who is to question their ghosts that still may be dwelling on the same location?

The Sands was a huge hotel and casino on the strip of Las Vegas in the late 50’s. One of the seven first acquired sites in Sin City, The Sands was home to the Rat Pack, Elvis and Judy Garland. An elaborate venue for stars and visitors, The Copa Room saw everyone from Peter Lawford to Nat King Cole. Chilling at The Sands was the thing to do, as many haunted the halls behind the scenes of Vegas life.

Beyond the strip of the Vegas bright lights, a demeanor of control was kept in place by the kingpins with the secret codes. Happenings from the past and modern day hackings are starting to become regular fare at the Sands properties in Vegas. The ghosts at large from back in the day seem to be wandering about in the misgivings of modern technology.

After years of low profits, The Sands, landmark hotel and famous casino was demolished in 1996. The same corporation is in charge of the new venue that took its place, The Venetian.  Always rising above the past, but with ghosts unheard of in tow, the Sands continues in their quest for profit and promotion.

Housed inside The Venetian is the wax museum of spirits, movies and comic book characters. Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum has a firm residence within The Sands Venetian Hotel. Madame (Marie) Tussaud was born in the late 1700’s and devoted herself to creating wax figures of deceased individuals. Her expertise in art and realistic human nature, earned her top billing in London by the early 18oo’s. The rest is history, as the tradition has continued and spread worldwide for many to enjoy.

It is all a blast to the past as the wax figures are quite realistic and eerie at a glance. Up close and personal visits are monitored a bit, but not as much as wax figures needing to be replaced from time to time. Still the likenesses of Tiger Woods, Britney Spears and all of the Marvel Heroes are on full display and within a glance of haunting hello.

Still from overseeing the activity of the Vegas Strip in the 50’s, Frank Sinatra holds a place in history and mystique. He owned the Cal-Neva Resort in Nevada at Lake Tahoe and it quickly declined after his death in 1998. Reported underground tunnels on the property were held in secret with Marilyn Monroe and the likes during the heyday era.

The charismatic, yet powerful figures of Vegas may still have ghost-like auras wanting to conduct business around the town. As in death they disappeared, the ghosts of Sinatra, Dean Martin and Elvis may have a few more songs and agendas to bestow. More than the slot machines that bear their images, the icons of yore seem to live on as wax figures and ghosts in the town of Vegas and The Sands.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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