Lena Dunham Unretouched Photos Go for $10,000

Lena Dunham
Lena Dunham has finally spoken out on Jezebel’s offer to pay $10,000 to anyone who had access to Dunham’s unretouched photos from her Vogue magazine spread. Leah responded through Twitter with “Some s&$%t is just too ridiculous to engage. Let’s use our energy wisely, 2014.” A response many readers not only agreed with, but also supported.

The outrage comes from the fact that Dunham portrays a feminist on her television show Girls, what the audience is forgetting, is that Dunham is a character on her show. Her character, Hannah, was inspired by her life, not based on her life. Girls has received a great deal of notoriety for the great writing, story lines, comedic timing, acting, and more specifically for Dunham’s ability to be nude. She is not the typical Hollywood starlet that eats a plant based diet and exercises incessantly when having a nude scene presented in a script. Hannah, Dunham’s character, is the average American woman, a writer who has no need to be Hollywood thin, she has curves and an appetite. Her character shows layers of insecurities, charm, sexuality, and promiscuity, all characteristics of a woman searching for herself in her 20’s, and in New York City.

If Dunham is portraying a character that has no need to be Hollywood thin, then why does Jezebel feel the need to out and publish the unedited photos of her? Retouching is nothing new; it is done with great frequency in and around fashion. Every advertisement, commercial, and magazine has at least a limited amount of retouching. There have been instances in which retouch specialists have gotten carried away and accidentally airbrushed a model to an extreme where the general public complains. Designer Ralph Lauren issued an apology in 2009 for airbrushing a model to the point where her hips where smaller than her head. And it is not just fashion houses that are speaking out, Actor Keira Knightley famously spoke out about the addition of breast in her King Author film poster, Kate Winslet was another actor to speak out on the issue when her legs where airbrushed to look much thinner on a cover of GQ magazine.

Dunham is not the only celebrity being airbrushed. The surprising aspect is why Jezebel felt the need to target her, and much more offer a prize of $10,000 for the photos. Dunham’s unedited images are not that much different from the ones Vogue published, in fact, they are so unnoticeable that they had to be pointed out to the Jezebel readers. Dunham has been a longtime fan of the online magazine, mentioning them on various occasions on Girls. So why did Jezebel feel the need to offer $10,000 for the unedited photos? The online magazine loosely answered the question by stating Dunham is an example of how unforgiving the media is towards women. So why take a stance and throw money to the one celebrity who has embraced being curvaceous, and whose success at the age of 27 is largely attributed to her fearlessness?

Opinion By Dony Lugo


The Hollywood Reporter


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