Lil’ Kim Female Rapper Pregnant, Shares Delight in NYC


Lil’ Kim, the 39-year-old, New York City-born female rapper is carrying her first child and shares delight in telling people. The Queen Bee, who hails from Brooklyn, made the announcement last night during the Blond Show which is part of New York Fashion Week. “I can’t wait,” she said. Kim seems thrilled at being pregnant.

With baby bump visible, she says she is still going to work and that fans can count on her staying hardcore. No official word has been given about who the father is, although it is rumored rapper Mr. Papers is the proud father to be. Tweets have surfaced since the Queen Bee made the announcement. It is not uncommon in the entertainment world for there to be a bit of mystery when stars conceive.

At 39, Kim is not unlike many other women who are delaying motherhood to pursue career goals. What makes the Queen Bee’s story different is that it takes a lot of perseverance for females in the rap industry to reach her level of achievement. The music industry can be hard because female rappers who face misogyny from top players in the game who only see women as sex objects. Kim has certainly played up the image of femme fatale with in-your-face lyrics and raunchy outfits. She was also one of the first female artists with lyrics that challenged the notion that only men could be hard-core and make money by any means necessary. She used sex as her weapon on rapper anthem tracks like Crush on You a with the late Notorious B.I.G..  Likewise, How Many Licks, is not for the faint of heart. Being pregnant and happy in a city that one loves, New York City in this case, are good circumstances when carrying a child, and being a female rapper, Lil’ Kim shares her delight at the prospect of maintaining her success record.

She has the ability to not only stay in rotation with requests from dancers at the strip club but to amass fans through lyrics and beats across the US. Lighters Up, the tribute to her hometown of Brooklyn, was made famous for the Caribbean vibe, Spanish and mention of other cities that make up her fan base. Queen Bee proved she had the talent to make it to the top of her game.

She does not pretend to be a role model for young women; instead she does her own thing making hits and defying odds about female rappers ability to maintain longevity in a field that caters to males. It may be the combination of hard lyrics, and lack of interest in what people have to say about her that appeals to young fans. Lil’ Kim has been compared to vocalist Millie Jackson of 1970s fame who said whatever she wanted with lyrics that were as hard as Lil’ Kim.

Kim has made her way and has waited past her 20s and 30s to become a mother. The female rapper is pregnant and happily shares her delight in carrying a little one. She loves New York City and appears in love with the thought of being a mommy. One lesson Lil’ Kim is teaching young women is that holding off until goals are set and achieved before becoming a mother can be a good thing. While not everyone agrees with her method for getting there, it cannot be denied that she has made some solid career decisions.

By C. Imani Williams

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