Lil’ Kim Flaunts Big Baby Bump; Congrats?

Lil KimLil’ Kim, the Empress of shock and awe, has truly outdone herself with the debut of her big baby bump! It almost goes without saying that nobody was “expecting” this (pun intended!) from the petite rapper who is known for her raunchy attire and hardcore stage presence. On an icy Wednesday night during New York’s fashion week, the bubbly rapper put her blooming tummy on display while attending The Blonds runway show at Milk Studios. Sitting front row near blogger Perez Hilton and socialite Paris Hilton, Lil’ Kim managed to steal the spotlight as her prominent belly vied for everyone’s attention.

To say that this is something of a gut punch to the hip hop world would be quite the understatement. This is huge and consternating news, especially to those who were young adults during the time when Kim was making her ascension to controversial fame. Who can forget the eye popping spread from her 1996 debut album Hardcore that featured a very sexually charged pose and left little to the imagination. Many of her online images are entirely too racy to display in this publication, but it is easy to Google them to get an idea of why it is somewhat shocking to learn that she has a little one on the way. It is not only her sexed up image that gives one reason to pause, but her sexually explicit and violence filled rap lyrics are legendary in the hip hop world and leave no doubt as to the messages they convey. So, congrats? Really?

Lil Kim

Not only does she consider herself something of a street diva, she has also apparently gone under the knife and her startling change in appearance has been the talk of numerous satirical blogs and social media sites. She has not really addressed the plastic surgery rumors, but she did lash out at the media, accusing them of photo shopping her images. Accusations aside, there is no denying that she now looks drastically different from the Lil’ Kim we were first introduced to.

Lil’ Kim, aka Queen Bee, managed to become something of a household name through her ties to the deceased rapper Biggie Smalls and music mogul Sean “Puffy” Combs. Lil’ Kim, real name Kimberly Jones, is no stranger to real life thuggery and crime. She was famously convicted and sent to prison for a year and a day in 2005 for lying to a federal grand jury about the events of a 2001 shootout in New York. Before and after being released from prison, Lil’ Kim made it clear that she was not going anywhere and would be back in the studio to make more music, most likely of the “hardcore” variety.

Not long after her release, she became embroiled in a heated feud with then newcomer Nicki Minaj. Kim was determined not to pass the crown and engaged in a vicious war of words with Nicki who initially claimed she had nothing but love and respect for Kim. Suffice it to say that Kim was having none of it and continued on a campaign to defame her new enemy and hold on to her hard fought title as the Queen of Hardcore Hip-Hop.

Fast forward to today and the news that Lil’ Kim is now flaunting a rather big baby bump. Knowing what she is famous for makes it decidedly difficult to understand or comfortably accept, although no one is denying her right to have a child. But since when did babies go hand in hand with sex, drugs and violence? It is just awkwardly strange at best and downright abhorrently repugnant at worst. How will she cope with the inevitable questions that will come from her child once he or she becomes aware of her past? Because it is almost certain that this kid is going to see the pictures and hear the lyrics from her music one day. It will be quite interesting to see how she handles this new situation. Perhaps she has already decided to be something of an open book when it comes to discussing her public persona with her offspring.

Lil Kim

Lately there seems to be an explosion of Hollywood pregnancies and there is little surprise there. But when a well known female rapper who is infamous for her blush worthy antics decides to procreate, it is a jaw dropping occurrence indeed. Especially when said rapper has declared that she has every intention of continuing in the same vein, and that in fact, the impending birth of her child has made her even more of a beast. Go figure.

Given the fast paced and sometimes dangerous reality of the Hip-Hop lifestyle, it is no wonder that some are baffled and downright horrified at the prospect of a baby being introduced into it by none other than a self proclaimed female beast. Judging from Kim’s public persona, it is easy to think that her decision to become a mother was not a very good one. Unless Miss Jones has considerably toned down her gangster themed life, would it be far fetched to imagine bullet proofed Gucci onesies in this babies future?

In giving the mommy to be the benefit of the doubt, it is hopeful that her maternal instincts have kicked in and that she does in fact have a nurturing side that will help her make sound choices for the child. Since she has stated that she does not plan to slow down anytime soon, it is also hopeful that she will have a lot of help raising this baby. Perhaps some of that help will come from the alleged father, rapper Mr. Papers who, reputedly, is of  eyebrow raising character  himself…at least as far as child rearing is concerned So, as Lil’ Kim flaunts her big baby bump and prepares to become someones mommy, the public can only wish her the safe delivery of a healthy baby and hope that congrats are indeed in order.


Op-Ed By Mai Nowlin


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