Lil’ Kim Hit With the ‘Magic Stick’ Baby on the Way

Lil' Kim

Rapper Lil’ Kim was hit with the “Magic Stick” and now there is a baby on the way. The 39-year-old star from Brooklyn debuted her baby bump last night when she was out for New York City’s Fashion Week wearing a skintight and bejeweled full-length dress.

Lil’ Kim, formerly known as Kimberly Jones, launched her solo rap career with the 1996 release of her album, Hard Core. Now, in 2014 and carrying her first child, Lil’ Kim said that she will “still be hardcore.”

She made the announcement at an after-party hosted by MAC Cosmetics while rubbing her baby bump. Lil’ Kim even performed Lighters a single off of her The Naked Truth album that dropped back in 2005. She said that even though she is going to have a baby she can still “turn it up a little.”

Lil’ Kim has set herself apart from other female rappers because of her edgy rap style and overt sexuality. She has made a statement with her near-pornographic images on album covers, in music videos and on stage. Lil Kim’s purple pantsuit paired with her purple wig and exposing her left breast with only a purple seashell sticker to cover is indicative of her memorable and flashy outfits. Her songs can also be cited for explicit sexual content with singles like Magic Stick  featuring 50 cent off of the La Bella Mafia album released in 2003 or Big Momma Thang from her debut Hard Core album.

Lil’ Kim looked much more conservative in her tight, yet full-length and full-sleeved dress for her baby bump debut. She said she is very excited about the future baby and that she “can’t wait to be a mom.” Now, the question is: who is the father? Lil’ Kim did not give any details regarding the father and has not given any official statements regarding her pregnancy.

MTV looked into Twitter and said that there could be clues. Lil’ Kim was dating a rapper named Mr. Papers for some time. There have been many tweets congratulating both Mr. Papers and Lil’ Kim on the baby. Whoever it was, Lil’ Kim was hit with his “Magic Stick” and now has a baby on the way.

Lil’ Kim said that with a baby on the way it has “made her even more of a beast.” If this is the case, she really started out with a bang. After dropping her first album in 1996, Lil’ Kim has followed up with five additional albums, including her most recent album released in 2011, Black Friday. In the midst of making all of her albums, Lil’ Kim was convicted of perjury in 2005 for lying about her knowledge concerning a shooting in 2001 outside of a New York radio station. Prior to serving her 12-month sentence she was the star of her own reality show, Lil’ Kim: Countdown to Lockdown on BET and was then released after 10 months for good behavior.

Now, Lil’ Kim has a baby on the way after being hit with the “Magic Stick” and in a few months there will be a lil’ Lil’ Kim offspring.

By Rebecca Hofland


San Jose Mercury News

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