Mars One Food for Aliens?

Mars OneThere has been much talk lately on the possibilities of humans colonizing the big red planet; grand ideas of blasting off the Earth into years of magnificent space travel.  Magnificent, according to speculation by some experts, for the ship that is, but estimates are that there would not be too much space inside the craft for guests to be traveling around in. Four lucky people would likely be the first to touch boots on the red dessert, only to be shuffled from one small pod to another. Supposing the crew can survive the freeze-dried food and bad dreams of aliens attacking, the new Mars One lifestyle is probably not likely to reach the luxurious standards of living that we saw in the movie Total Recall. In fact, some people have said that if you’re not the kind of person who can do years of prison time standing on your head, you may want to rethink your application.”

Mars One
Possible day on Mars

There have been Muslim Fatwas against the Mars One mission, along with a string of conspiracy theories suggesting they may be sending humans there to suffice the appetites of aliens, with some good old-fashioned people food. As strange as that may sound the reality may not be any better. People have questioned whether scientists think it may be possible to turn Mars into a planet that one can actually breathe on. Or if the plan is to live in those tiny little pods that Mars One architects have shown in their artwork depicting the living habitats of the soon to be Martian residents. Some folks speculate whether they just may be building a prison out there. If so, could it be the perfect place to cast off criminals who are considered no longer able to rehabilitate. Either way, there is certainly no shortage of requests from eager earthlings looking for a change of scenery.

Additionally, people have been known to change their minds on vacations, and cut them short if needed. However this would not be that trip, since there is no going back. Some find it amazing how anyone in their right mind could ever be persuaded to volunteer after seeing the travel brochures. Some say Mars makes even the Sahara seem hospitable, saying, “at least there is plenty of air.”

2023 is the year this fantastic voyage is said to occur. Funding for the mission is to be provided by advertising profits when the trip is turned into the biggest voyeur reality show the world has ever seen. There is no plans of any tax dollars going towards the mission according to representatives. Reports have suggested hundreds of millions will be made on ads during the program, if not billions. Project engineers expect the entire planet to be tuned in every night to see what happens next, in the day-to-day pod living experience on Mars. Some are comparing Mars One to shows like survivor, only there will be no foraging for food, breathing air, or swimming for these aliens from another planet. Only time will tell what the future beholds for Planet Mars or its visitors. Earthlings, however, will most likely be coming, for better or for worse.

Opinion By Aaron Thompson

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