Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Share Sex and Romance Tips

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Share Sex and Romance Tips

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar recently sat down on Today to discuss, among other things, how to keep the romance alive and sex tips for keeping your marriage hot.  The parents of nineteen and grandparents of three offered their personal tips on how to keep each other happy after thirty years of marriage.  In addition, they clued everyone in on how the Duggars keeps things interesting in the bedroom.

The fact is, everyone knows they are still having sex after nineteen kids and thirty years of marriage.  The evidence is clearly there!  What is interesting to most people is how truly and genuinely in love Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar still are with one another.  Their hit television show, 19 Kids and Counting, is one of TLC’s top rated programs.  Each week viewers are invited into the Duggar home to get a look at how one couple can raise nineteen children without the aid of nannies or other outside help.  Michelle rarely seems to be annoyed by her demanding brood.  In fact, her calm and effortless manner seem to indicate the opposite.  Neither Duggar seems to raise their voice, even when things get hectic.  And both Jim Bob and Michelle always speak to one another kindly, often showing their love for one another with multiple kisses and hugs.  So, how do they manage to keep things spicy?  Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are happy to share their sex and romance tips with us.

First off, Michelle says to always say “yes” to having sex.  Even if you are tired.  Before the Duggars married in 1984 Michelle received what she calls some excellent advice from a friend.  Be available.  Even when you are exhausted and you need to get the children fed and to bed.  Michelle claims that you are the only one who can fulfill your husband’s physical needs and a wife always needs to be available when such needs arise.

Sometimes it’s alright to take a break.  Jim Bob gives Michelle some time off each month without question.  And he always gives her plenty of time to recover following the birth of each child.  According to Michelle, the time off makes her look forward to sex even more.

It’s a well-known fact that Jim Bob Duggar treats his wife like a Queen.  He offers that it’s the key to a successful relationship.  The Duggars find little ways throughout the day to connect with each other, even if it’s just a text to say “I love you.”

Michelle loves that her man isn’t afraid to share his fears and struggles with her.  She says that Jim Bob has humbled himself before God and it builds him up further in her eyes.  Michelle appreciates that her husband is willing to share everything with her.

Neither Duggar expects, nor do they demand, perfection from each other and are free with their praise of one another.  They feel that if you demand too much from your spouse you will set yourself up for disappointment.

The couple have a planned date night every Saturday.  The only rule is that kids are not allowed.  Even something as simple as going out for ice cream is a welcomed break that they both look forward to all week long.  Alone time is key, especially when you have nineteen children at home.

Their final tip is to never stop learning new ways to keep things interesting.  The Duggars are constantly working on ways to make their marriage stronger and how they can be the best person they can be to each other.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar aren’t just sharing their sex tips.  They are sharing their life tips.  With nineteen children and a thirty year marriage under their belt they may know better than most about how to keep a marriage interesting.

By Mary Kay Love


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