‘Walking Dead’ Character Updates and Reveals (Video)

walking deadEpisode 10, season four of The Walking Dead starts off slow, seemingly mimicking last week’s slow pace. The Inmates episode gives character updates, letting viewers in on who made it out of the prison alive. The focus is on Daryl and Beth at first. He is quiet and moody and she unrealistically optimistic. They stumble across footprints in the path, so they have proof others are still alive, but Daryl also notes that there are also prints from a dozen or more walkers.

The episode picks up from there as the fate of more of the characters are revealed. One of the biggest reveals of the night is when they show Tyreese in the woods with the two girls who had taken a liking to Carol at the prison. But Lizzie and Mika are not the only girls with him. He is carrying the baby, Judith. He was able to rescue her before leaving the prison.

Tyreese and the girls are jumpy, and understandably so. They are stranded in the woods with a crying baby, which is basically an invitation for the walkers to come feast on them. Lizzie shows some signs of instability when she nearly suffocates Judith to get her to stop crying. Later the remains of the bunnies she killed are found, leading viewers to believe that she was responsible for the rats at the prison, as well.

Another reveal comes when Tyreese leaves the girls standing back-to-back in the middle of the woods to fend for themselves while he runs off to answer cries in the distant. After he hears a gunshot, Carol appears out of nowhere with the girls, holding the baby. She is a sight for sore eyes, as far as he is concerned. He is relieved to see another adult and a familiar face, though she was unsure how he would react to seeing her because she killed his girlfriend.

In another reveal, they find a sign along the tracks that advertises a sanctuary. It says there is a community of survivors and the map is labeled “Terminus.” This shows where the characters will likely end up once they regroup.

Meanwhile, The Waling Dead gets back to more character updates. The focus shifts to Maggie, who is paired up with Sasha and Bob. Though Sasha remains strong and Bob seems to go with the flow, Maggie is distraught and insists on finding Glenn. The threesome come across the bus that left the prison filled with survivors. Only now it is filled with walkers. They decide to let them out one at a time to rule out the idea that Glenn might be on the bus. That works for a few walkers before they overpower Sasha and all fall out of the bus. Maggie lets all of her anger out on a walker as she repeatedly bashes his head against the bus. Then she clears the bus, with her final kill being a Glenn lookalike in the form of a walker. She lets her emotions get the best of her.

Speaking of Glenn, the writers of The Walking Dead turn their attention to him next. He is indeed alive, but he has been left behind at the prison. In the final shots of their old safety zone, it is clear that the walkers have taken over. He quickly gathers supplies and in what seems like a deathwish, he pushes straight through a large group of walkers while sporting his riot gear. Somehow he makes it through and he spots one of the Governor’s people. Tara, the sister of the Governor’s last girlfriend, has fenced herself in and is dealing with the reality that she fell for everything the bad guy said and hurt innocent people. He saves her regardless and talks her into helping him find Maggie. She also lets him in on what happened to Hershel. Just like that, she is now one of the group.

Glenn and Tara are swarmed by a group of walkers, which they fight off, right before Glenn passes out. Out of the clear blue, a military truck is parked in front of them. The new Walking Dead characters make their official debut, as Abraham and his sidekicks step out of the truck. Abraham gives Tara a bit of a hard time, hinting that he may not be an ally.

The overall feeling of this Walking Dead episode was different than last week. It was co-written by Matthew Negrete and Channing Powell, who create a more emotional vibe. Though the characters certainly had their share of walkers to fight off, they also had to deal with their own raw emotions after being separated from members of their group and facing the unknown, as to whether they are dead of alive. Inmates provided plenty of character updates and reveals, now it is time to find out more about the new characters and see what the sanctuary is all about.

Review by Tracy Rose



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