Michigan Mother Suspected of Killing Son and Dismembering Body

Michigan Mother Suspected of Killing Son and Dismembering Body

 A Michigan mother is in custody being suspected of killing her son and dismembering his body. The 59-year-old woman from St. Clair was arrested Friday in connection to the incident. She has yet to have had her name released and is currently awaiting arraignment. The cause of the victim’s death is still unknown awaiting the results of an autopsy that began on Friday.

The 32-year-old victim, his name also yet to be released, was reported missing last Sunday and identified by fingerprints. Officials received a call on Thursday from a woman claiming that she had found something suspicious along Fred Moore Highway and Trumble Road in China Township, a rural area of the state near the Canadian border. Officers arrived and apparently found garbage bags in the snow containing dismembered body parts, including a head and torso. Police later found additional body parts in other locations along nearby roads, some not in bags.

The original caller was not present and authorities received information from another resident that was on scene. The witness observed a heavy-set white woman driving a mid 19990’s model SUV, most likely GMC Jimmy or a Chevy Trail Blazer. The witness assumed that the woman was just dumping trash. A bag was also found on the entrance ramp to westbound Interstate 94 off of Fred Moore Road which contained clothes and burnt paperwork. This is currently being investigated by authorities.

St. Clair County Sheriff Tim Donnellon henceforth began treating the incident as a homicide case. St. Clair Shores police released a statement on Saturday stating that fingerprints taken from dismembered victim were sent to FBI in order to confirm that he was indeed the person that was reported missing. It has since been verified that the woman in custody suspected of murder and dismembering the body is in fact the victim’s mother. The woman, currently detained at the St. Clair Police Department, is expected to be officially charged in her arraignment on Monday.

Police released gas station surveillance photos of a woman and vehicle fitting the descriptions offered by the witness. An investigation of two houses ensued and were aided by the Michigan State Crime Lab. Police released a statement saying they were searching the houses for evidence related to the murder and dismembering. A warrant request is expected to be submitted to Macomb County Prosecutors on Monday. The surveillance photos that have been released by the media seem clear and of good quality.

The mother suspected of murdering her son and dismembering the body has not had any contact with the public since her arrest. It is likely that more information will emerge after the arraignment, which is scheduled for tomorrow. Police have not yet released any information relating to a motive or cause of death. Due to the weather, many of the body parts were frozen, which is likely to slightly complicate the evidence gathering process. Police have acknowledged that that citizens’ assistance following media reports led police to identify the person in the surveillance photos.

By Peter Grazul

Macomb Daily

The Times Herald


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